Time is an important part of Lost, making many appearances throughout the show. Flashbacks and Flashforwards show the lives of characters during a different time other than on the Island.The Island is known to have a different concept of time, as it moves at a different pace, as seen in Daniel's experiments. Time travel, both physically and through the conscious are also concepts that have been witnessed in the later seasons of Lost.

Season 1:

The time before the next push is tracked on the countdown timer.
Season 2:

Season 3:
  • Ben explains to Jack what events have happened off the Island during the 67 days he has been there. ("The Glass Ballerina")
  • Aldo was reading A Brief History of Time by Stephen Hawking. ("Not in Portland")
  • Richard Alpert shows a scan of a womb that Juliet believes is of a 70 year old woman, when in fact she was 20. ("Not in Portland")
  • Juliet said that she has been on the Island for 3 years, 2 months, and 28 days. ("Not in Portland")
  • Mittelos is an anagram for "Lost Time". ("Not in Portland").
  • Desmond relieves part of his life after the Swan imploded. ("Flashes Before Your Eyes")
  • The clock reads 1:08 in Desmond's flat. ("Flashes Before Your Eyes")
  • Ms. Hawking has many clocks inside the jewelry store. ("Flashes Before Your Eyes")
  • Richard appears to not age, after young Ben encountered him in the jungle in the 1970s. ("The Man Behind the Curtain")
  • Ben looks at his watch when he kills his father in the Purge; the time was 4:00. ("The Man Behind the Curtain")
  • Ben orders to kill Sayid, Jin, and Bernard while giving Jack a minute to respond. ("Through the Looking Glass")

Daniel's time experiment
Daniel discovers a difference of time on the Island.
Season 4:

Season 5:
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DFly06 Time Door 2 Jun 7 2008, 1:33 PM EDT by rosie08
Thread started: Jun 4 2007, 12:54 PM EDT  Watch
Dharma Initiative has created a "time door". One end of the door exists in present time in Antarctica. The other end of the door is the Island. However, the Island exists in the "time bubble" in which it remains in the past. Everytime someone (Desmond) pressed the switch in the Hatch, the Island was reset further back in its own time, while the present continued onward.

By nearly not pressing it, it opened the time bubble slightly, and Oceanic went through the bubble and crashed into the Island. When the hatch exploded, the time bubble was released, and accelerated into the present.
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savvysuzy Time Theory 0 Aug 15 2007, 6:25 PM EDT by savvysuzy
Thread started: Aug 15 2007, 6:25 PM EDT  Watch
The time theory could be a possibility, and one that could take them quite far. Initially, when the show first started I thought maybe they were near the "Bermuda Triangle" or something like that, but then I thought there could be some kind of time warp that the plane flew through, but that wouldn't explain how the "Others" had all of the background dossiers on the "losties". So brings me to thinking it's the island that is located in a time warp or something. Time is one of those subjects that is hard to deal with, and maybe the writers can come up with some story lines to meet the challenge. I just hope they (the producers, director, & writers) use this hiatus wisely & creatively, so they don't take us on a wild goose chase like they did at the beginning of the 2006-07 season. It's my favorite show, but it got way off track. So here's to a great & continuously improving seasons for the next 3 years.
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Anonymous parallel universe 0 Apr 28 2007, 7:49 AM EDT by Anonymous
Thread started: Apr 28 2007, 7:49 AM EDT  Watch
If what the woman said was true, and the plane crashed with no survivors, the only way the island makes sense is a parallel universe. Somehow waves of reality with our dimension and the reality of this other dimension have merged causing the black smoke disturbance that the Darma people could not figure out and the other events such as the polar bear. The life experiences of our dimension have merged into the collective conscience of the parallel dimension so each plane crash survivor is remembering truths that happened to their parallel individual which never entered the reality of their dimension before. Perhaps the scientists from the other dimension were aware of something like a ripple in their universe, so they started investigating, and things have just become more complicated as this ripple has become larger to the point now where the situation is out of control.
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