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OthersPage of the Week: 2/25/08-3/3/08Who They Are: At first they seemed to be a hillbilly-like band of island dwellers who kidnap babies and murder the castaways at will, but not everything is as it seems. They have their own town, known as the Barracks, secluded from the world in their island. They led seemingly normal lives, their strongest arguments coming from the choice of a Stephen King book (who, by the way, is a hardcore fan of Lost) for the book club. But everything changed when flight 815 of Oceanic Airlines crashed in their island. We know they took several of the survivors, including Walt and Claire for over 2 weeks. Their ultimate agenda is not yet known.

The term "The Others" was first coined by Danielle Rousseau, and used by the survivors. They were known as the Hostiles to the Dharma Initiative, and they went to war with each other. This war ended during the Purge, which killed all the members of Dharma. Richard, who does not appear to age, was the apparent leader of the Others until Ben changed sides. Still, Ben does get his orders from someone else, the mysterious Jacob. After the end of season four, Ben was banished from the Island, and Locke has taken Ben's place as leader of the Others.

In the first 4 episodes of season three the way the Others live and work is discovered. They claim to work at another smaller island, where the Hydra is located (which the island is nicknamed "Alcatraz") which is an "annex" of the island. There were once Others stationed at other stations on the Island, such as the Flame, The Looking Glass, the Staff and The Tempest, but all have since been abandoned.

Since the later episodes of season one, the Others have taken quite a beating from the Flight 815 survivors. Since then, they have lost more than 15 of their people, and have only managed to kill two of the flight 815 survivors.



Bea Klugh
Benjamin Linus
Cindy Chandler
Collen Pickett
Danny Pickett
Ethan Rom

Goodwin Stanhope
Harpet Stanhope
John Locke
Juliet Burke


Mikhail Bakunin

Molotov Woman

The Musician
Richard Alpert
Ryan Pryce

Widmore's Victim



*Are no longer with the Others.
**Joined the Others from the survivors.

There are also many other Others that are part of the background cast, and have too small of a role to be identified.


  • Which ones (if any) have really lived on the Island their whole lives?
    • We find out when he tells Locke in "The Man from Tallahassee" that Ben has lived on the island his whole life. But this might be not true, as at least for the last three years no woman conceived on the island (and newborn) survived ("One of Us"). Ben's mother may have been pregnant prior to coming to the Island and then gave birth to Ben on the Island, similar to Claire's situation. (We now know Ben was not born on the Island, but came to it as a young boy with his father, Roger, who worked for the Dharma Initiative.)

  • Why don't they leave the island if they can get other people off it?
    • They love the island and it is their home.
    • Also, there is work being done on the island that we are not yet completely aware of

  • Who is the big kahuna (head leader of all)?
    • Jacob? (Ben ominously tells Locke that "we all answer to someone" just after revealing that he is not the leader of the "Others.")

  • Are they all scientists?
    • No, It is said that they were on the island before DHARMA showed up (In The Man Behind the Curtain Ben takes Locke to the large open grave of all the DHARMA employees and says they are his people. He explains to Locke that DHARMA was supposed to be working for peace, but "they couldn't even coexist with the island's original inhabitants."In a flashback we say young Ben meet Richard Alpert (whom I believe, along with Joseph and Emma were among the original Hostiles) in the jungle, so we are to assume Richard and some of the "others" are those original inhabitants.)

  • What do they want with the kids they take?
    • Perhaps because they do not have successful pregnancies.


  • The Others are a selected group of people that were placed on the island to survive mankind, which, according to the theory, doesn't exist outside of the island.

  • These Others could be the original Dharma Initiative scientists, sent to the Island as a psychological experiment. Each of the Hatches representing another part of said experiment. They in turn could now be lost. (The "others" were on island before DHARMA and in fact "purged" DHARMA with a lethal gas resulting in mass death of all DHARMA people, except Ben Linus).

  • The Others could be the descendants or original Pirates (They are shown with Richard to never age) who were shipwrecked on the island and have lived there ever since. The idea they are pirates is furthered by the fact that In the flashback of Ben as he turns on the DHARMA Initiative during "The Man Behind the Curtain", the hostiles/others, can be seen wearing pirate style hats as they carry the dead DHARMA bodies.

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Vincent is not Walt's dog. It's Jacob's. The picture of the dog in Jacob's house is a golden retriever. So that's why Vincent keeps disappearing into the jungle and wouldn't come to Walt's calling out of the name "Vincent".
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I've compared this picture of Jacob with that of Alavar Hanso. They seem fairly similar, but not an exact match. Does anyone agree that Jacob could somehow be Alavar Hanso?
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