The Hatch

The HatchAfter trying to find Ethan, Locke and Boone return to camp. While heading back, Locke throws a flashlight to Boone, but he drops it. The flashlight hits steel, embedded in the ground. The hatch has been discovered. Boone and Locke decide to keep the hatch a secret from everyone else.

The Light Turns on Inside the HatchLocke and Boone excavate the hatch every day, while pretending to go hunting for boar. Locke comes up with ideas to break the door on the hatch, and builds a trebuchet. It fails to break the door, and breaks, with a large piece of shrapnel hits Locke's leg, but he feels no pain. Boone later dies when the drug smuggler's plane falls of the cliff while he is inside it. Locke returns to the hatch, and hits the door, and questions what he must do. Suddenly, a light inside the hatch turns on. Locke tells the truth to everyone, and how they found the hatch, and how he has tried to open it.

The Hatch Door ExplodesRousseau warns the survivors that the Others are coming. Jack decides that if they can open the hatch, they'll be able to hide everyone inside. Rousseau, Jack, Arzt, Kate, and Hurley go to the Black Rock, where dynamite is stored. Arzt dies when a stick of dynamite blows up, but everyone else manages to bring the dynamite to the hatch. The door is blown off, and inside is a broken ladder going down a long shaft.

The hatch map:

Map of The Hatch Interior
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Anonymous REALLY COOL THEORY!!! 4 Feb 16 2007, 4:08 AM EST by Branfish
Thread started: Jan 3 2007, 12:20 PM EST  Watch
My theory about the numbers is that the end of the world was already meant to come due to the valenzetti equation, and when the orientation video says, "You are saving the world by pushing the button". Maybe they really are?? And - maybe - the electro-power is the thing that is meant to end the world, but, by pussing the button every 108 minutes (4,8,15,16,23,42 added together) they are stopping the electro-power to take over the world...
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Anonymous About the electromagnet 3 Feb 4 2007, 9:32 PM EST by Branfish
Thread started: Oct 18 2006, 8:44 AM EDT  Watch
My theory on the electromagnet is that every 108 minutes when they push the button, an electromagnetic field is released. This field puts interference from any radio or gps devices so they cannot transmit. This is why the plane's radio and instrumentation went out.

Now we found out a little about Desmond, we knew that he was on a race around the world, sponsored or ran by the father of his old girlfriend. There's no doubt that the sailboat on which he crashed had GPS. At the end of the second season we see two men apparently in the Arctic and they found a signal. They then called a phone that was answered by desmond's girlfriend. They told her that they found it. This all happened after the key was turned to shut off the electromaget generator.

After the key was turned we saw that the sky turned a weird color and there was a deafening noise. That could have been the electrmagnetic field disengaging.

In the 2nd episode of the third season, we see that The Others have access to the outside world. I thought that this would ruin my theory, but then I remembered the wire that went out into the ocean. It lead into a hole in the ground. Maybe it allows outside communication to a hatch that The Others have control of.

Does this make sense? What are proofs for or against this theory?
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