the anwser to all lost questions finally are anwsered

lost is pretty simple to figure out, its obvious !!! duuuuh its based on a true story that is well known thru history, did any of you take history in highschool because not only did i take it but i got an A and my uncle was one of the original oceanic's and can anwser any questions you may have wich clearly you all do, listen to yourselfs going on and on and on about something so obvious and simple did you watch the show or not each episode clearly explains itself and i for one dont understand all this confusion!


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whats the confusion folks....its in our history books its so obvious!! what were you doing on tuesday nights from 9-10 clearly not watching lost!!! every episode was so easy to follow looks like you people took too many bathroom breaks or something!!! my grandfather was the DAM SMOKE MONSTER!!! he never stops talking about his "time on the island" god forbide i get him mad geez your theories are getting him mad your all wrong, and you can all get to the island how do you not kno this im confused??
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