The Swan

The Swan
The Swan, a.k.a The Hatch, was first introduced when Boone accidentally dropped a flashlight, and it hit the metal of the hatch door. Locke and Boone decided to keep this discovery a secret from the gother survivors, and they went back to the site every day to excavate the hatch. Locke and Boone tried to open the door many times, but failed. Many survivors soon found out about the existence of the hatch. Eventually, Locke, Jack, Kate, and Hurley successfully opened the hatch by using dynamite from the Black Rock. Just before the explosion, Hurley saw the same numbers he used for the lottery on the door, 4 8 15 16 23 42. The inside of the door had the word QUARANTINE on it. In the second season, they went into the hatch, and discovered Desmond. The Swan had everything that was needed to live, a living area with a bunk-bed, record player, a bookcase, a ping pong table and more. There was a kitchen, with a sink, a washer, and dryer. There was also a bathroom with a shower, a pantry full of food, a gun vault, and the computer room. Desmond showed them an orientation video. The video, with Dr. Marvin Candle, said that the Swan is used for electromagnetic research. He says there was an 'incident', and that ever bookcase, and grabs "Our Mutual Friend". Inside was
The Swan
a key. He goes back into the computer room and tells Locke "I'll see you in another life brother". Then the countdown reaches zero, and a system failure happens. Metal start to fly everywhere, and Locke tells Mr. Eko "I was wrong". Desmond turns the fail safe key, which causes a discharge. The sky turns a bright violet color. The discharge disrupted all the electronics on the island. In season three, the fate of Desmond, Locke, and Mr. Eko was discovered, and they had all survived the implosion. The clothes were blown off of Desmond. The Swan was destroyed, and only a crater remains.


  • What was the incident?
  • Is any part of the Swan still intact after the implosion?
  • What would of happened if the fail-safe key was not turned?
  • What did all the machinery do in the computer room?
  • What was behind the concrete wall?

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