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The Orchid is a Dharma Station that is designed for time travelling experiments. However, it is a fake biotanical station, which housed a greenhouse on top of the actual station.

An orientation video was shown at the 2007 ComicCon. It showed Dr. Marvin Candle, who goes by the name of Dr. Edgar Halliwax. He is holding a white rabbit with the number 15 on it. In it, he says that it is station 6, and is a fake botanical research center. He says that the research could be "highly volatile and potentially dangerous", and that there is a Casimir Effect. Then something falls from the ceiling, and everyone starts to panic when they see another rabbit with the number 15 on it. Dr. Halowax tells to turn off the camera recording at the time. To watch the orientation video, click .

The Orientation film in the Orchid goes into more detail in the time traveling experiment, saying that they found a pocket of negatively charged Exotic Matter. Dr. Edgar Halliwax places the rabbit into the time machine chamber, and conduct an experiment by placing the rabbit 100 milliseconds into the future. However, the VCR breaks, rewinding the tape.

The greenhouse of the Orchid The above section is a greenhouse containing a variety of flora. The structure is covered by overgrown vines. Ben said that there is an elevator to the real station by a patch of anthuriums. When Ben, Locke, and Hurley arrived at the station, the mercenaries had already arrived. Ben surrenders to the mercenaries, allowing Locke to find the entrance to the Orchid. He could not find it, and Jack and Sawyer find them. Locke talks to Jack privately, saying that he is about to do a miracle. Jack says that miracles do not exist. Ben, who escaped the mercenaries, came back, and showed Locke the way to the underground section of the Orchid.

Inside the OrchidUpon arrival to the underground section of the Orchid, after getting off the elevator, there is a corridor with several rooms, leading to the main section. This area contains electronic equipment, a VCR for the orientation video, and a room where the time travelling experiments are conducted. According to the Orientation video, no metallic objects, or any inorganic matter should be placed inside the room. Ben does the complete opposite, feeling the room with metallic objects. Just then, the elevator moves, and an unexpected guest arrives, Keamy.

Keamy came into darkened room, knowing that Ben was hiding somewhere. He says that if he dies, the device on his arm will send a signal to the Kahana, detonating the bomb, and killing lots of innocent people. Locke comes out, and tells Keamy he will do no harm. Keamy talks about the time Alex died, provoking Ben. Ben lashes out, and stabs Keamy, eventually leading to his death. Ben does not care about the actions he had just committed, knowing that everyone on board the Kahana will die.

Ben moves the IslandBen breaks the wall behind the room by conducting an experiment with the metallic objects inside. Locke is convinced that it is his job to move the Island, but Ben says that the person that moves it can never come back to the Island. His says a final goodbye, and walks through the cave into a cold room. While climbing down the ladder, he cuts his arm. Inside the frozen room is hieroglyphics, and a large wheel. He says "I hope your happy Jacob", and begins to move the wheel. After struggling to get it started, he finally succeeds, a noise becomes louder as the room becomes brighter. A bright light fills the sky, and the Island disappears.

ORIENTATION VIDEO "Leaked" Video at ComicCon


Orientation Video Questions:
  • What fell from the ceiling?
  • Why was everyone so worried about the second rabbit, and where did it come from?
  • Why was Dr. Halliwax wearing a Swan lab coat?

Orchid Questions:
  • Who built the wheel, and what do the hieroglyphics in that cave mean?
  • Why is the cave frozen?
  • Who built the wheel, and what do the hieroglyphics mean?
On the 5th season, Dr. Pierre Chang is doing the orientation video for the arrow, when a worker interrupts him.
The worker says that there is a problem at The Orchid. When they get there, The Orchid is currently
under construction as it is the 1970s. The drills all melt as they attempt to drill into the wall. Another worker gives
Dr Chang a image of the chamber underneath them, which shows the frozen wheel.

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Cecily1206 ORCHID 0 Dec 3 2008, 3:03 PM EST by Cecily1206
Thread started: Dec 3 2008, 3:03 PM EST  Watch
Did anyone else notice the screen that comes up that says "God loves you as he loved Jacob"? It is really quick and I had to play the clip backwards to see what it said. There is also a screen that looks like a building of some sort. Maybe the school from the video?
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Amograpefruit ORCHID 1 May 16 2008, 5:39 PM EDT by Amograpefruit
Thread started: May 16 2008, 5:38 PM EDT  Watch
Okay i am 85% sure i know the things behind this
what falls from the ceiling is a lightbulb.
the words that they say indicate that this is obviously
a time travel station
ok the light bulb falls
"hallowax" what the
people oh my god what is that
"Its fifteen!!"
oh my god dont let them near eachother
what did you set the shift for
negative 20
how long
nine mins but were still learning how t...
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Chiv_14 Chiv_14 4 Mar 25 2008, 5:28 PM EDT by Chiv_14
Thread started: Oct 5 2007, 2:56 PM EDT  Watch
I Think the orchid is a fake station like the video of goblet orientation..
but, everybody knows there is something real behind it..
The purpose of this station is maybe, research on genetics..
Because, the rabbits that appear in the video..
Its very rare.. also, I think we know it in season any moment of the show.. who will discovered it.. maybe Locke, Sayid, or Desmond..
The logo is another enygma..but I think if its exists, most probably is an orchid, like the rest icons on the stations in the islands...
So, by the way.. Only the time will revealed it.

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