The Island

Athasius Kirchner map of Atlantis late 1600sTaken from Yahoo!.au Lost TV Series Secret Clues, written with information up to and including "... And Found":

"The hatch that the survivors discovered has the codename Swan and that it is the third of six. The hide-out the Tailies have found featured a logo nearly identical to that of the Swan. While still bearing all the Dharma Initiative markings, instead of a swan, the logo is skewered by an arrow.

"The theories of what might actually be taking place on the island just went mythical – mythically Greek, to be exact.

Firstly, Apollo
[as in the candy bars seen in The Hatch] was the name used by the ancient Greeks to describe a cluster of stars seen in the northern hemisphere, made up of six constellations.

Cygnus – The Swan
Sagita – The Arrow
Orion – The Hunter
Crater – The Goblet
Corvus – The Crow
Ophiuchus – The Serpent Handler

The naming of the chocolate could be seen as just a sneaky way to inform viewers where the hatches got their codenames. But a bit of study into the Greek god Apollo’s story and the virtues he represented reveals a lot of themes running parallel with those of Lost!"

For more information, check out the in its original posting at Yahoo!.au's Lost TV Series Secret Clues.

While two of these correspond to names of hatches on the island, The Pearl, The Hydra, and The Staff are not part of the Apollo constellation. All do, however, have other connections with Greek mythology.

How The Island Is Situated

To get your bearings as to where everyone is on the Island, I submit:

In the episode "The Glass Ballerina" Sayid examines a map of the Island:

A Map of The Island.
(This image is spun 180)
Notice where the Others stay in relation to the Survivors. The Others home is due North from the Suvivors. This puts them on the West side of the Island.
In the photo below you can see the Survivors crash site is due South from the Others homes.
Others' Home
It appears that they are in a crater.

Linking Those Pesky Numbers to The Island

In Windows alt codes.... alt + 4 8 15 16 23 42 = µ (also known as "Mu")
Mu (uppercase Μ, lowercase μ) is the 12th letter of the Greek alphabet, and the symbol is representative of (a possible connection to the magnetic properties of the hatch and the Island in general). Also, anything followed by 15 16 23 42 equals Mu (µ) in Windows alt codes....

History of the Lost Civilization of Mu (Lemuria)

(aka ), is also the name of a lost island civilization that existed 78,000 years ago in the South Pacific, located somewhere in the . The ancient civilization lasted many thousands of years, populated by 64 million people, and was eventually sunk by large earthquakes and tsunamis (the catastrophic happened in the same place where Mu/Lemuria is thought to have existed). It is theorized that the Mu civilization was well-advanced beyond our current civilization and may well have been populated by aliens, as dicussed at length by in his series of five books written in the 1920's and 30's. Is this the Island of our Lostaways? Learn more about Mu/Lemuria and .

Lemuria Island Lemuria Map

Many claim that proof of this ancient civilization exists in the enormous statues that were discovered underwater in the Ring of Fire area...

Lemuria Statue 1 Lemuria Statue 2

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imalostie the island... 1 Jan 11 2009, 12:17 PM EST by Hyenasong
Thread started: Sep 17 2008, 10:03 PM EDT  Watch
can the island be man-made? In the last episode of season four Ben "moves" the Island- either in time, or location or both (I don't know). But could Jacob (er some person) have actually created the Island?
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Anonymous desmond cant leave 4 May 3 2007, 4:13 AM EDT by Anonymous
Thread started: Oct 21 2006, 4:44 PM EDT  Watch
as desmond says in part one of 'live togethor die alone'
he sailed for 2 and a half weeks and should have at least been in fiji by then, but he keeps returning to the island,
i dont beleive the island is purgatory or the last place on earth as the others state in season 3 they have acsess to the outside world, so when desmond got to the island, some one could have put a special magnetic thing in his boat to make it keep coming back- maybe all the boats there hav this so they cant leave [ apart from the others]
because i remember in some episode, something about magnetic feilds atracting people to the island.......................
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sawyers_1st_luv lemuria????? 1 May 2 2007, 11:15 AM EDT by Anonymous
Thread started: Feb 28 2007, 9:10 AM EST  Watch
there more i seem to read,the more i find out, i am now starting to believe that it might be possible that the islands they are on, may in fact be LEMURIA, i wasn't sure what that was untill i started to read about it today...please check it out and lemme know what you guys think, it seems to have the connections to lost, high awereness(walt,des),they seem to have the abiltilty to manifest things(walts polar bears,jacks seeing his father)and teleport as i believe is what recently happened to desmond in flashes before your eyes..please check out this artical i just read and let me know what you think, cut and paste the link below!!!
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