quantum entanglement

I think Dharma was running experiments on the others. that's why they called them the hostiles, because they obviously didn't like what was happening to them. That or they chose them as candidates for their experiments since they were being hostile, or "law breakers". The others would be like prisoners getting experiments done to them. Ben was originally with Dharma, but defected after they experimented on him.

Dharma was possibly working on consciousness experiments / physics experiments with quantum entanglement. time can travel in all directions on the quantum level. that would explain why so many of the survivors are entangled with one another. When Dharma did their thing, the consequences reached back into the past and synchronicity started taking place between the survivors before they ever got on the plane.

Something went wrong with Dharma, and Jacob, a Dharma lead scientist, got turned invisible, unable to communicate with any but a few. One of them ended up being Ben, because Dharma did certain experiments on Ben and he could inadvertently connect with the altered dimension.

Also, the smoke monster seems to be some kind of dinosaur or ancient creature or just some animal from the island. It seems something Dharma did got that creature trapped in a similar state as Jacob (but with smoke). Eko instinctively knew how to deal with it because he was kind of "animalized" himself from his rough upbringing. Eko knew the smoke monster was around when he ordered Mr. rockstar up the tree. Eko was protecting him from the monster, not having him surveythe land.

All the odd sights around the island that seem to fit in with flashbacks are creations from the person's mind. Something Dharma did turned normal thinking into an outlet to change the surroundings on the quantum level. Walt is more natural at this than any other, so he picked up very quickly these skills. But things like the black horse appearing, and a Nigerian plane, are the exact same skills, made possible by the altered state of reality Dharma made possible on the island.

I think the Nigerian plane crashed on the island was a creation from Eko. When I say creation, I don't mean it was all in his head, I mean he actually unconsciously transported it there to a time before their jet crashed. This is the power of Walt and the power Dharma was creating. It was what weighed on Eko's mind and so it became reality.

The smoke monster had experiments done to it too. That's why it can fiddle with people's minds. The same principle behind Walt's powers is behind the mind of the smoke monster.

This quantum level possibility is the only thing that I can think of that will account for how everything/everyone is entangled with one another throughout time.

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