"a Government/Scientific Experiment”

L.O.S.T= Land Of Scientific Testings???
are they lost in this mysterious land for a reason?

In essence: Yes, they have all been brought here for a purpose, and the island is functioning as an elaborate Skinner Box to gauge their reactions.

Support for this theory:

  • The discovery of the various hatches and the sketchy Dharma Initiative, which is still delivering food to the island, lend credence to this theory. ''It's a piece of a much bigger picture,'' Abrams said back in November 2004. ''It's not the big answer.''

  • The electromagnetic activity on the island seems to be real, and if so, very possibly was the cure of Jin's infertility, Rose's cancer and Locke's mystery paralysis.

  • Marvin Candle/Mark Wickman and the whole Pearl Station, in general, suggests that there was some kind of psychological experiment going on... but who were the mice?

  • According to EW, most of the actors are behind this theory.

  • After the obvious operant chamber (for bears originally) seen in Season 3's opening episode, it is hard to argue that there is not an experiment going on here. Perhaps, the project began as experimental research on animals, but when the plane crashed the islanders were finally able to have access to research subjects that would model humans better than anything else- actual humans. They had sporadic subjects prior to this (Henry Gale, Desmond, etc) who seem also possible subjects. However, even with an experiment theory, the entirity of the Lost phenomenon is not explained. Why are all these people connected? Who of the Dharma Initiative are the others?

  • Inman's involvement might support this theory. He tells Sayid his torturing skills will be useful later. Was he only in Iraq to train Sayid for the experiment (or find someone suitable for it), and has he been Dharma Initiative all along? Have any of the other survivors encountered him before? Where is his body? He was the last person on the island with Desmond, and may have carefully orchestrated the fight and subsequent system failure in the hatch to cause the crash, or more likely, make Desmond believe he caused it (as sabotaging the plane would be much simpler). If Sayid and Desmond ever realize they both know him, we may get some answers.

Poking holes: If each person was handpicked to be on the island, that’s a whole lot of planning and coincidence. If, however, each person is there by chance, the theory holds more weight. Harold Perrineau Jr. weighs in, "I'd always believed the whole government conspiracy thing was great and then I heard that was the boring choice, but I thought it was really cool. But that's been my favorite one so far."

What do you think? Have more support for this theory, or are you ready to poke another hole in it?

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