Not only does it seem that all the survivors of Flight 815 were fated to be on that plane, several of them have also crossed paths before they ever boarded the doomed flight--most of the time without even knowing it. Spotting these character cameos has become as much of a game as hunting for the Numbers. Click EasyEdit to add character connections you've noticed.


Jack & Sawyer
1. Jack's father Christian drank with Sawyer at a cocktail bar in Australia. ("Outlaws")
2. Also in Australia, Jack's father opened a car door on Sawyer. ("Two For the Road")

Jack & ShannonJack
1. Jack's future wife was in a car accident with Shannon 's father, Adam Rutherford. ("Man of Science, Man of Faith")
2. Sabrina (Shannon's stepmom) & Shannon visit thee hospital where Adam has been taken, a younger Jack brushes past them.
3. Jack let Shannon's father, Adam, die while saving his future wife/ex-wife Sara, when Adam and Sara were both in a bad car crash.

Jack & Desmond
1. Jack meets Desmond in a stadium in L.A. and talks to him about Sarah ("Man of Science, Man of Faith")

Jack & Locke
1.Locke was being treated by the same nurse Jack talked to in "A Tale of Two Cities".

Jack & Ana-Lucia
1.Ana Lucia takes up position as Christian's (Jack's father) bodyguard during his trip to Australia. ("Two For the Road")
2. Before take off Jack and Ana meet in the airport bar. ("Exodus")

Jack & Boone
1.Booneis employed for the same wedding company that Jack and Sarah use.
Jack & Claire
1. Jack's father, Christian Shephard, is also Claire's father.


LockeLocke & Hurley
1. Locke works for the box company Hurley owns. ("Numbers")
2. Locke's mother and Hurley were both patients at SRMHI.
3. Locke's boss at the box company (from "Walkabout") is also Hurley's boss at the fast food restaurant.

Locke & Sayid
1. Locke inspected the house that Nadia bought in Los Angeles. ("Lockdown")

Locke & Libby
1. Locke's mother and Libby were both patients in SRMHI.

Locke & Rose
1. Locke picked up the medicine that Rose dropped at the airport. ("S.O.S.")
Locke & Ben
1.Locke's mother and Ben's mother are both named Emily.

Locke & Sawyer
1. Anthony Cooper, Locke's father, conned Sawyers parents, which led to their deaths. ("The Brig")


Hurley & Libby
1. Hurley and Libby were both patients in SRMHI

Hurley & Jin
1. When Jin goes to deliver a "message" to a man who works for Sun's father, the man's daughter is watching the news. On the news at that moment is Hurley being interviewed about winning the lottery. "... In Translation"

Hurley & Charlie
1. Hurley is seen listening to Driveshaft in "Everybody Hates Hugo"
    2. Hurley andCharliestay in the same hotel prior to the plane ride. ("Exodus")

    Hurley & Sawyer
    1. The lotto girl that announces Hurley's numbers is with Sawyer in the hotel.


    Sawyer & Ana Lucia
    1. Christian Shephard opened his door on Sawyer while Ana Lucia was in the car with Christian. ("Two For the Road")

    Sawyer & Kate
    1. Kate's mother Diane waited on Sawyer and his partner in a diner. ("The Long Con")
    2. Sawyer's girlfriend helped Kate see her mother after Kate helped her with a con.

    Sawyer & Boone
    1. Sawyer was struggling with some Sydney policemen while Boone was talking to a policeman about Shannon being abused. ("Hearts and Minds")

    Sawyer & Locke
    1. Anthony Cooper, Locke's father, conned Sawyers parents, which led to their deaths. ("The Brig")


    Sayid & Kate
    1. Kate's father asks Sayid for information regarding an American Pilot and is later shown holding a picture of little Kate in Sayid's presence. ("One of Them")
    2. Sayid appears on the tv in Kate's dad's office while Kate is visiting him. ("What Kate Did")
    3. Sayid surrenders to American military forces; among them are Kate’s father and Kelvin Inman: The guy who recruited Desmond.( “One of Them”)

    Sayid & Desmond
    1. Sayid was told to torture his general by Kelvin, who later manned the hatch with Desmond.

    Sayid & Shannon
    1. Sayid asked Shannon to watch over his bags at the airport. ("Exodus")

    Sayid & Charlie
    1.Charlie helped Nadia (Sayid's long lost love) to escape the attentions of a mugger in an alleyway in England leading to her commenting that he is a Hero.


    Eko & Libby
    1. Libby asks if everything's alright at the airport between Eko and the girl who "drowned". ("?")

    Eko & Claire
    1. Eko visited the same pyschic Claire went to in order to find out about the pyschic's daughter. ("?")


    Desmond & Libby
    1. Libby gave Desmond her boat for his race around the world. ("Live Together, Die Alone").
    2. Desmond meets a not-crazy-looking girl with a bad wig in a coffee shop... Libby. Kelvin Inman is in the hatch on the island and recruits Desmond the punch the button with him. ("Live Together, Die Alone").
    Desmond & Charlie
    1.Charlie was playing his guitar outside for money, when Desmond came out and saw him, and was singing 'Wonderwall' by Oasis singing "So maybe, you're gonna be the one that saves me!" which Desmond was doing to charlie.
    2. Desmond meets Charlie after a meeting with Charles Widmore in London. ("Flashes Before Your Eyes")


    Juliet & Ethan
    1. Ethan recruits Juliet to work for Mittelos Bioscience. ("Not In Portland")

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    mais_jaafar connections 1 Feb 18 2010, 7:53 AM EST by locoforlost
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    As Kate goes to meet her stepfather, Saied is on the television she passes by.

    May be this is not a real connection but I found it nice, when Desmond went to Charles Widmore (Penelope's father), there was a painting in the office that contains a "polar bear" and the word "namaste".
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    ScarClaw ??? 0 Apr 13 2008, 3:54 PM EDT by ScarClaw
    Thread started: Apr 13 2008, 3:54 PM EDT  Watch
    i dont think that Sayid asking Shanon to watch his bags reallly count cause everybodie was there in the airport and all of the oceanic people on the island were in that airport and alot of them met just saying hi in the airpaort.
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    ScarClaw I thought! 0 Apr 13 2008, 3:51 PM EDT by ScarClaw
    Thread started: Apr 13 2008, 3:51 PM EDT  Watch
    l thought that the person that called Charlie a hero was Desmonds ex-feonce Ruth!
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