Yemi Tunde

Yemi Tunde

The Actor: Adetokumboh McCormack Yemi

His Story: The brother of Mr. Eko, Yemi was a real priest, unlike Eko, who was part of a Nigerian gang. Eko tried to use his brother and his church to smuggle drugs in Virgin Mary statues, but Yemi refused to take part. This forced Eko to pretend to be a priest, that way he could smuggle the drugs himself. However, to do that, Yemi had to sign a paper saying Eko was a priest. Yemi signed the papers, but then attempted to stop Eko from smuggling the drugs. Yemi was shot and killed by the military, much to Eko's horror. Eko tried to save Yemi's body, but his "friends" dragged the body on the plane and took off without Eko. The Nigerian police assumed that Eko was his brother, and comforted him. The plane that left without Eko mysteriously ended up on the island as well, and Eko was able to burn the plane as well as properly bury and say goodbye to his brother. Yemi later appeared in a vision to Charlotte Malkin, the daughter of the physhic who sent Claire to the island, telling Eko he was a good man and that they would meet - soon.

On the island, he appeared for the first time in the episode "?" in Eko's dream. He told him to help Locke find his way, and that Locke had to take Eko to the "question mark". Yemi appeared in Locke's dream, showing Eko climbing the cliff the plane used to be on, although Locke saw Yemi on a wheelchair and fell from the shock. This helped both Eko and Locke find the Pearl station.Yemi Tunde - - Official LOST wiki

Several days later, Yemi returned to Eko, but in physical form. Eko was still weak after being ravaged by the polar bear, and was lying down in a tent when Yemi told him it was time to be judged, that it was time to confess. Yemi then lit a match, and burned the tent. When Eko reached the plane, with the help of Locke, he finds out that Yemi's body isn't there anymore; and while Locke goes down in the hatch, Yemi appears to Eko and instructs him to follow him. Asking for the confession, Eko tells Yemi that he won't ask for forgiveness, for he hasn't sinned. He only did what he needed to survive. Eko tells him that when he had to shoot a man to save his brother's life, he was proud of it. The last words from Yemi were: "You speak to me as if I were your brother". Burn. He leaves, and Eko follows him to suffer death at the hands of Smokey.

The producers of Lost have hinted, in a podcast recent to the episode "The Cost of Living", that Yemi could have been in fact a manifestation of the Black Smoke (Smokey).

Episode Appearances:
"The 23rd Psalm"
"The Cost of Living"

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Anonymous Bring Yemi Back 0 May 17 2007, 11:44 AM EDT by Anonymous
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Love that story and still so much mystery....and so many unanswer questions like why did Yemi"s Plane end up on that island???? And was the pilot dead too!! I don't remember..where there 3 bodies???? But Yemi and Mr.Eko had the power to fight "evil"...we need them...
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Anonymous Eko wasn't betrayed 2 Dec 15 2006, 4:23 PM EST by dw1234
Thread started: Oct 10 2006, 7:59 AM EDT  Watch
Right before the flashback of the shootout and the plane leaving without him, Eko finds his friend's body and tells Charlie "this man saved my life". I think he was referring to the fact that the athorities would think he really was a priest and that he could start over.
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