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(About the Actor: Malcolm David Kelly)

Flashback Episode:

Hails from:
Sydney, Australia

Biography: Walter 'Walt' Lloyd is one of the survivors of Flight 815. He has been called 'special' by several different people, and seems to have some unnatural powers. He was kidnapped by The Others, and was returned to his father in a prisoner exchange for Jack, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley. Walt and Michael subsequently escaped the Island, of sorts, and Walt now resides with his Grandfather in New York although we do not yet know the full details of how he got there.

Plane Section: Middle

Who he was before: An apparently regular kid , living in Australia with his mom and her husband.

Who he is now: Michael’s son, Was sent "home" on a boat with his father Michael by the Others.

Why he was in Australia: His mother moved there for her work.

Daddy issues: Resented his real dad, Michael, for giving him up as a baby (even though his father really didn't have a choice).

Big secret: He burned his dad’s first raft because he didn't want to get off of the island.

Status: In New York with Grandma.

Ability: Maybe He can conjure up animals by looking at their picture. Examples: The bird that flies into a window in a flashback episode is from a book he was reading. The polar bear appears when he watches his father burn his comic book; the page that showed while burning had a polar bear on it. Walt also seems to have the ability to mentally impact his environment. For instance, in one of the very first episodes, his father tells him that he will look for his dog as soon as the rain stops and the rain instantly stops. He was also extraordinarily lucky when playing backgammon with Hurley, receiving the exact die rolls he asked for. His powers were revealed on the show when his mothers husband said that whenever he is around there is trouble.

Interesting Facts: Appears to Shannon in the jungle twice, once before she dies. He stands before her, saying "Shhh...." Sayid also sees him this second time. He also speaks backwards to her, and it is revealed that he said "Don't press the button. The button's bad." After confronting Locke about burning his dad's first raft, he tells him NOT to open the hatch. "Whatever you do, just don't open it!" The fact that he appeared to Shannon also sparked a debate in whether or not his special abilities allow him to be in places he's not supposed to be. This was fueled by Ms. Klugh asking Michael if Walt had ever appeared in places where he couldn't be. Walt's step father also tells Michael that Walt's not normal strange things happen when he's around.

Walt also has appeared to be quite a handful for the Others, as seen in Lost: The Missing Pieces. Although he is not referred to directly, Walt seems to have caused them a lot of trouble while he was in captivity. Juliet claims that nobody wants to go to Walt, and that she herself will not go either. After Ben shows no sign of understanding the gravity of the situation, Juliet leads Ben to the outside of Walt's cell, only to find a pile of dead birds.

Walt also appeared to Locke in "Through the Looking Glass." Locke is in a pit with dead DHARMA members, and he finds a gun. As Locke gets ready to pull the trigger to shoot himself, Walt appears and tells him he needs to get up. Locke says he can't move his legs. Walt says he can use his legs because he has work to do. It is possible however that this was an apparition of Smokie as Walt by then should have been way on his way off the Island or even potentially on the mainland by then.

(Cont'd.) Walt and Locke establish a friendship shortly after arriving on the island. Locke sees something special in the boy, and tells his father: "Maybe you haven't spent enough time with him to see it, but he's different... As long as we're here, I think Walt should be allowed to realize his potential." This leads to Michael mistrusting Locke's intentions with the boy. ()

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