In "Live Together, Die Alone" we discovered that the plane crash that kicks off the series happened on September 22, 2004. From there, we can build a timeline from mentions of days passing on the show. Click on "Easy Edit" to add dates you've noticed.


(Italicised Remarks) - Notes on where the date was calculated from (episode titles, date mentions, etc.)
Underlined Remarks - Real life events used to give a frame of reference.


September 5, 2001 - Juliet arrives on the island. (Based on her claim that she's been on the island for "3 years, 2 months and 28 days" as of day 73).

September 20, 2004 - Benjamin Linus discovers that he has a tumor on his spine (he tells Jack that "two days later, a spinal surgeon fell out of the sky" in "The Cost of Living")

September 21, 2004 - Charlie visits his brother Liam in Sydney. Sayid's friend Essam kills himself after Sayid reveals that he's working with the CIA to stop the terror cell Essam joined. Sayid is given a ticket to Los Angeles by the CIA, but he requests a later flight so he could bury Essam properly.

September 22, 2004 (Day 1) -
5:22am (Sydney Local Time) - Michael and Walt have an argument in their hotel.

11:50am (Sydney Local Time) - Jack meets Ana-Lucia Cortez in an airport bar.

2:55pm (Sydney Local Time) - Oceanic Airlines Flight 815 departs from Gate 23 at Sydney International Airport on route to Los Angeles, California.

6 Hours Later (approximate) - Desmond kills Kelvin, and fails to press the button on time. As a result, Oceanic Flight 815 breaks into three pieces and crashes onto a large island in the South Pacific. At the same time elsewhere on the island, a group of people are living in a small town-like area. They feel an earthquake when Desmond fails to press the button on time. The people rush outside and see the plane breaking apart in the sky. The leader of this group, Ben, calls out to two other men. Goodwin is sent to where the tail-end of the plane crashed and Ethan is ordered to find the fuselage. Ben tells them both to pretend to be one of the survivors. There are 50 survivors from the middle and cockpit sections. The tail section of Oceanic Flight 815 crashes in the ocean on the other side of the island. The tail-section's beach camp is a four or five-mile walk from the Arrow Bunker. Soon after the crash, Goodwin rushes out of the jungle dressed as a crash-survivor. He asks to get help for Bernard, whose seat landed in a tree. The monster uproots trees and makes noise near the fuselage crash site. They take 3 people from the tail section survivors and try to take Mr. Eko, too, but he kills two of them. Mr. Eko stops speaking.

September 23, 2004 (Day 2) - Jack, Kate and Charlie find the cockpit section in the jungle. The pilot survived. The pilot reveals that the plane was off course, then promptly gets eaten by the monster. Sayid, Kate, Sawyer, Charlie, Shannon and Boone go into the jungle to find a high spot to send a distress call from. Sawyer kills a polar bear. Sayid et. al. hear Rousseau's distress call and Sayid calculates it's been going on for 16 years and 5 months.

September 24, 2004 (Day 3) - Jack euthanizes the Marshal.

September 25, 2004 (Day 4) - Locke finds Vincent, and has Michael take him back to Walt. At night, boars investigate the bodies in the fuselage.

September 26, 2004 (Day 5) - Donald becomes the fifth (or fourth) tail section survivor to die of crash-related injuries. Locke encounters the monster while hunting boar. Memorial service for the dead, and burning of the fuselage.

September 27, 2004 (Day 6) - Barbara Joanna Miller drowns. Jack finds the caves and fresh water.

September 28, 2004 (Day 7) - Jack and Kate find two old corpses in the caves. Some of the survivors move from the beach to the caves.

September 29, 2004 (Day 8) - Jack is trapped when one of the caves collapses. Charlie helps him escape. Sayid is attacked when he is trying to triangulate the source of the distress call.

October 1, 2004 (Day 10) - Sawyer is tortured by Sayid, and is wounded in a scuffle. Sayid leaves the camp in shame.

October 3, 2004 (Day 12) - They attack the tail section's camp and drag off 9 more people. Ana-Lucia kills one and finds a U.S. Army knife and a list describing the nine who were taken. The tail-section survivors move out for safety.

October 4, 2004 (Day 13) - Sayid is captured by Danielle Rousseau.

October 5, 2004 (Day 14) - First Island Open Golf Tournament. Sayid escapes from Rousseau. Sayid hears whispers in the jungle.

October 6, 2004 (Day 15) - After 3 days of walking, the remaining tail-section survivors make a camp in the jungle.

October 7, 2004 (Day 16) - Claire becomes convinced that she was attacked in her sleep.

October 8, 2004 (Day 17) - Sayid returns to the caves, just as Hurley tells everyone at the caves that one of the survivors he talked to wasn't on the plane. Claire and Charlie are taken by Ethan. The tide starts coming further up the beach then normal, and starts washing the plane hull into the ocean. Charlie is left for dead by Ethan, but revived by Jack. Boone and Locke find the hatch in the jungle. Ana-Lucia starts work on the prison pit. She and Libby discuss their distrust of Nathan.

October 10, 2004 (Day 19) - Ana-Lucia thinks Nathan is one of Them and puts him in the prison pit.
Christopher Reeve dies.

October 18, 2004 (Day 27)
- The tailies find The Arrow hatch. ("The Other 48 Days")

October 27, 2004 (Day 36) - Jin helps to start building a new raft.
The Boston Red Sox win the 2004 World Series.

November 2, 2004 (Day 42) - The hatch window lights up as Locke is sobbing over it. Boone Carlyle dies. Claire gives birth to a healthy baby boy.
George W. Bush is re-elected President of the United States for a second term.

November 3, 2004 (Day 43) - Locke re-appears at Boone's funeral. Jack accuses him of lying, then attacks him. Locke takes Sayid to the plane. Sayid interrogates Locke and confiscates the Nigerian smuggler's gun from him. Shannon steals a gun from the gun case and tries to kill Locke. Sayid stops her. Sayid demands that Locke take him to the hatch. Sayid brings Jack to the hatch. Arzt warns Michael that it is nearly Monsoon season, and the raft has to be launched as soon as possible. Michael falls ill when working on the raft. Jack thinks someone poisoned him. Sawyer forces Kate to reveal that she was the fugitive so he can get his spot on the raft back.

November 4, 2004 (Day 44) - Rousseau wanders into the beach camp and warns the survivors that the Others are coming. Hurley and Rousseau are taken to the hatch. Locke suggests that they get dynamite to blow open the hatch. Jack organizes an expedition to the Black Rock to get the dynamite. Walt gives Shannon Vincent to take care of her. She promises to look after him until he gets back. The raft is launched. Arzt dies at the Black Rock. Rousseau kidnaps Claire's son. Charlie and Sayid set out to bring him back. Locke is nearly pulled underground by the monster. Locke, Jack, Kate and Hurley use the dynamite to blow open the hatch. The raft is attacked and destroyed by the Others. Walt is kidnapped.

November 5, 2004 (Day 45) - Locke, Kate and Jack separately enter the Hatch. Sawyer, Michael and Jin wash up on the far side of the island, and are promptly captured by the tail-section survivors. After accidentally damaging the Swan bunker's computer, Desmond runs off into the jungle. Ana-Lucia is dumped into the pit prison to find out who Sawyer, Michael and Jin are.

November 6, 2004 (Day 46) - Michael, Sawyer and Jin are let out by the tail survivors, and are taken to the Arrow Bunker. Hurley takes Rose to the Swan bunker. Hurley catalogues the food in the Swan Bunker with the help of Rose. The fuselage survivors feast on the Swan Bunker food. Sun buries the bottle of messages that went on the raft.

November 7, 2004 (Day 47) - Ana-Lucia decides to move the remaining tail-section survivors across the island to meet the fuselage survivors. Michael races off into the jungle looking for the people who took his son. Jin and Eko go after him. Jin and Eko go after him and see a group of people pass by their hiding spot. Jin and Eko convince Michael to come back with them. Sun searches for and finds her missing wedding ring. Shannon sees another vision of Walt, this time in her tent. Eko, Michael and Jin catch up with Ana-Lucia.

November 8, 2004 (Day 48) - Shannon sets out to look for Walt. Sayid follows her. Sawyer's infected bullet wound causes him to pass out. Michael and Eko build a stretcher. Cindy vanishes without a trace when the tail survivors struggle to get Sawyer up a steep hill. Shannon is accidentally shot by Ana-Lucia. The tail survivors meet Sayid. Eko carries Sawyer to the Swan bunker. Michael finds Sun and is taken to Jack in the bunker. Michael, Jin and the tail survivors arrive on the beach and reunite with the fuselage survivors. Jack and Ana-Lucia meet up in the jungle.

November 9, 2004 (Day 49) - Kate sees a black horse in the jungle. The survivors hold a funeral for Shannon, during which Sayid emotionally confesses his love for her. Sawyer wakes up and feels good enough to walk around with Kate's assistance. He and Kate see the black horse outside. Locke splices a piece of the Swan Orientation film that Eko had to the whole. Michael receives a text message on the computer from someone claiming to be Walt.

November 10, 2004 (Day 50) - Eko recognizes the Virgin Mary statue Charlie has and smashes it in front of Claire, revealing the heroin. He then forces Charlie on a hike through the jungle looking for the plane. Michael continues to secretly talk on the computer with the person claiming to be Walt. Eko has an experience with the monster that an astonished Charlie witnesses. Eko and Charlie find the plane that has Eko's brother's corpse in it. Eko turns the plane into a funeral pyre. Claire kicks Charlie out of her life.

November 11, 2004 (Day 51) - Michael locks Jack and Locke in the gun vault and takes off across the island, heading north, instead of where the tail section came from. Michael is following the directions given to him by whoever was sending messages to him on the computer. Jack, Locke, Sawyer, and secretly Kate pursue him. Michael runs into a group of Others and is captured. The Others surround the party tracking Michael, at night and "Mr. Friendly" warns them to turn back, using Kate as a hostage. Reluctantly they drop their guns, get Kate, and head back.

November 12, 2004 (Day 52) - Jack and the others arrive back on the beach. Jack asks Ana-Lucia how long she thinks it would take to train an army.

November 13, 2004 (Day 53) - Michael and the group of Others arrive at the Others tent village and bunker on a north beach of the island. He is handed over to "Miss Klugh", who asks him questions about Walt.

November 14, 2004 (Day 54) - Charlie wakes up from a nightmare. He asks with Claire to go back to the way things were before. Claire said that there was no before. Sawyer notes that Jack and Ana-Lucia have made at least three trips into the jungle. At night, Charlie has another nightmare and finds that he has sleptwalked and taken Aaron. Claire slaps him.

November 15, 2004 (Day 55) - Charlie tries to get Locke to put in a good word for him with Claire. Locke asks Charlie if he is using heroin. Charlie gets upset because other people have seen strange things, but people assume he's on drugs. Charlie lies to him about not having any more virgin mary statues. Eko and Charlie talk about his dreams, then Charlie thinks they mean that Aaron needs to be baptised. Eko has started work on building a church. Locke follow Charlie to his stash and confiscates the drugs. At night, Charlie sets a fire in the woods near the beach, then attempts to steal Aaron so he can be baptised. Claire pleads with Charlie to give Aaron back. He does. Locke punches him repeatedly.

November 16, 2004 (Day 56) - Jack talks to Charlie. He admits that he started the fire. Jack already knew. He wants to know if Charlie will ever do anything like that again. Charlie tells Jack no, and that he never used heroin. Claire goes to see Eko about baptising her and Aaron. Locke puts the heroin into the gun vault. At night, Charlie sits alone by a fire.

November 17, 2004 (Day 57) - Jack puts the Marshall's guns into the gun vault. Jack and Locke make an agreement that neither of them will open the gun vault without consulting the other first. Charlie moves his tent farther from the others. Sun is attacked while working in her garden. Sawyer and Kate hear her cries for help and find her unconcious, and tied up in the jungle. Sawyer tells Kate that he thinks this was a plot to get people to join the army. Kate asks Sawyer to go tell Locke to move the guns. Sawyer warns Locke that Jack is coming for the guns. Locke moves the guns. When Jack shows up, he is ticked off that the guns are gone, and at night confronts Locke on the beack. Locke and Jack are both surprised however, when an armed Sawyer shows up and announces that he has the guns now. In the jungle, Sawyer meets Charlie. He was the one who attacked Sun and followed Locke to where he hid the guns. Charlie did it just to make Locke look like a fool.

November 18, 2004 (Day 58) - Rousseau finds Sayid and leads him to a man who got caught in one of her traps. He tries to escape and Rousseau shoots him with a home-made crossbow. Sayid takes him back to the Swan bunker. Sayid locks himself in the armory with the man and starts interrogating him. The man claims to be Henry Gale from Minnesota, who crashed on the island in a hot air balloon with his wife. Sayid becomes convinced that he's lying and starts beating him. Jack demands that Locke open the armory door, but Locke refuses until the one-minute alarm for the button starts sounding. Locke opens the door and Jack pulls Sayid away. Locke is late entering the code and the timer hits zero. The sound of a large machine powering up starts adn the timer flips to show Egyptian hieroglyphics. Locke quickly finishes entering the code before the last hieroglyphic flips into place. Later, Sayid is on the beach, and he tells Charlie about Henry Gale.

November 19, 2004 (Day 59) - Early at night, Claire's baby Aaron is suffering form a fever and rash. Locke goes to get Jack. Rousseau shows up and warns Claire that Aaron may be sick with the same thing that infected the rest of her team. In the morning, Claire, convinced that Aaron is sick, and the cure lies in the place she was kept for over a week. Claire and Kate set out to look for it. Rousseau finds them and leads them to the place where Claire scratched her. From there, Claire finds the Medical Bunker, but it is abandoned. Kate discoveres disguises worn by the Others. Claire tells Rousseau about the mysterious youg girl who helped save her life. Henry Gale has been in the bunker for two days. Eko asks Henry Gale for forgiveness for his killing of two Others.

November 20, 2004 (Day 60) - Locke recruits Ana-Lucia to try and get information from Henry Gale, who has been in the bunker for three days. Ana-Lucia gets Gale to draw a map to the location of his balloon crash site. She gets Sayid and Charlie to accompany her on the day-or-so walk. Sun discovers she is pregnant. Bernard forgets Rose's birthday. Sayid forgives Ana-Lucia for shooting Shannon. He blames the atmosphere of paranoia created by the Others for Shannon's death. He says that if Henry Gale is an Other, he will have to be killed.

November 21, 2004 (Day 61) - Ana-Lucia, Sayid and Charlie arrive at a likely spot for Gale's balloon crash, and split up to search. After three hours of searching, Charlie finds a grave and the wreckage of a hot-air balloon in the clearing. Wanting to be sure, Sayid digs up the grave. Locke and Henry Gale become trapped in the bunker after a the blast doors suddenly close, and they have to work together. Locke's leg becomes injured when it gets pinned by a blast door. After something happens with the timer, blue lights come on in the lounge and a map with notes on it appears on the blast door pinning Locke's leg. Then the lockdown ends and the blast doors retract. At night, Jack and Kate find a pallette of Dharma Initiative food in the jungle, seemingly dropped from the air. Charlie, Sayid and Ana-Lucia emerge from the jungle. They all go to the hatch where Sayid reveals that the body in the balloon grave was that of a man, Henry Gale from Minnesota. In the Others village, a tired Michael demands to see his son. Miss Klugh agrees to give him three minutes. Walt tells Michael that they make him do tests, and that they're pretending. Miss Klugh then makes Michael a deal. He must free Henry Gale, and bring Jack, Sawyer, Kate, and Hurley back to this camp, and then they'll let him and Walt go free. Michael agrees.

November 22, 2004 (Day 62) - The DHARMA supply drop is salvaged by the survivors, and the lockdown in the Swan bunker and the existence of Henry Gale is made public to the survivors. Jack says that Locke's leg should heal in two weeks if care is taken. Henry Gale tells Locke that he didn't press the button, hieroglyphics appeared and then it reset on its own. Hurley nearly commits suicide, but Libby stops him.

November 23, 2004 (Day 63) - Henry Gale hasn't talked or eaten in two days. Jack decides to try and make a trade of Henry for Walt. Bernard starts to make a large S.O.S. sign on the beach, but Rose is not very supportive of his idea. At night, in the clearing where Jack and Mr. Friendly met, an exhausted Michael stumbles out of the jungle and collapses, to the shock of Jack and Kate. They start to take him back to the bunker. Ana-Lucia is attacked by Henry Gale when she brings him food, but Locke saves her.

November 24, 2004 (Day 64) - Henry Gale tells Locke that his mission was to bring Locke back with him, and that since he has failed, his life is forfeit. Jack and Kate arrive at the Swan bunker with Michael. Ana-Lucia seduces Sawyer to steal the gun he carries with him. Michael wakes up and tells Jack, Kate, Locke and Ana-Lucia that he found the Others camp and can lead a party back there. He tells them that the Others are not well off, but they have a bunker of their own. Jack, Locke and Kate agree to get the guns from Sawyer to go on a rescue mission. Hurley tries to take Libby on a picnic, but forget drinks and blankes. Libby goes to the hatch to get them. Ana-Lucia wants to kill Henry Gale, but can't bring herself to pull the trigger. Michael offers to do it, so Ana-Lucia gives him the gun and combination. Michael then shoots Ana-Lucia, killing her instantly, then shoots Libby twice when she surprises him. He then releases Henry Gale from the armory and shoots himself in the arm. Eko has a strange dream telling him to help Locke find the "question mark". Jack, Locke, Kate and Sawyer arrive at the Swan bunker to find a wounded Michael claiming that Henry Gale did this before escaping. Libby isn't dead, but Jack says she won't live long. He tells Sawyer and Kate to get the heroin from Sawyer's stash. Eko arrives at the bunker and recruits Locke to track Henry Gale down. They go into the jungle and Eko gets Locke to show him the map he transcribed from the blast door. They camp at the crash of Yemi's plane.

November 25, 2004 (Day 65) - Locke has a dream in which he is Eko and climbs up to where the plane was perched. Eko climbs up and sees what appears to be a ? of bare earth in the clearing. Locke and Eko find a new bunker, Station 5, The Pearl and a video suggesting that the Swan's button-pushing exercise is just a meaningless psychological experiment. Locke puts his map in the Pearl's pneumatic tube. Kate and Sawyer arrive at the beach and retrieve the heroin from Sawyer's stash under his tent. Outside Hurley finds them, and they take him to the Swan. Jack injects Libby with the heroin, and she regains conciousness long enough to say "Michael!" before dying. Michael insists that only he, Jack, Hurley, Kate and Sawyer can go to rescue Walt. Eko tells Charlie that he's stopping work on the church, and is staying in the Swan bunker now. Charlie gives Claire a box of vaccine he found on the supply drop, and he throws all the remaining heroin-filled statues into the ocean. Michael tells Sayid that he can't come with them. Sayid gets suspicious and tells Jack that he think Michael has been compromised and is the one who let Henry Gale go. At the sunset funeral for Ana-Lucia and Libby, Sun sees a small sailboat. Jack, Sayid and Sawyer swim out to the boat, the Elizabeth and they find a drunk Desmond. They bring him back to the beach using the small dinghy on the sailboat. Locke demands theat Eko stop pushing the button. Eko throws him out of the Swan bunker.

November 26, 2004 (Day 66) - Jack, Michael, Kate, Sawyer and Hurley set out to find the Others camp. Sayid, Sun, and Jin borrow Desmond's boat to sail to the other side of the island. Charlie tells Locke that Desmond is back. At night, Locke tells Desmond that he saw a video that said the button in the Swan was a fake, and enlists his help to get Eko to stop pushing it, so they can really find out what happens.

November 27, 2004 (Day 67) - Sayid, Sin and Jin see the remenant of a strange statue: a sandalled foot with only four toes. Locke and Desmond create a lockdown and seal Eko out of the button room. Eko races to the beach and enlists Charlie to help him get back into the bunker. Charlie leads Eko to the dynamite left over from the attempt to blow up the hatch. Kate notices that they're being followed, and she and Sawyer open fire on a pair of Others. Sawyer kills one, but the other one gets away. Jack reveals that it doesn't matter because Michael was already working with them. Michael confesses his involvement, including the murders of Ana-Lucia and Libby. Hurley wants to go back, but Jack tells him that if they do they might all get killed. Jack says that he has a plan. Jin sees the rock Michael described. Sayid goes ashore and investigates the Others village. It's a fake, nothing is there, and the bunker is fake as well. Eko detonates the dynamite against Charlie's cautions. The blast door is undamaged, but a fireball sweeps through the hallway. Michael leads Jack and everyone to a large clearing that has the exit from the Pearl's vaccuum tube. Hundreds, if not thousands of unopened messsage tubes litter the ground. Sawyer finds and gives Locke's map to Jack. Sawyer sees the black smoke of Sayid's signal, but it's miles away. The group is attacked by blowdarts and captured by the Others. Desmond goes through the printout and discovers the system error message from September 22, 2004. He tries to convince Locke that the button is real. Jack, Michael, et al are taken to the Pala Ferry dock, where Henry Gale shows up in a boat with Walt. Charlie finds Eko, he is alive. Desmond releases the lockdown and the timer hits zero. The room starts to shake, and metal objects start flying towards the electromagnetic anomaly. Desmond gets the shutdown key. The bunker starts tearing itself apart. Eko tells Charlie to get out, and he goes to find Locke. The power can be seen and heard all across the island, from the beach camp to Pala Ferry dock. Desmond turns the System Termination key, and the light and noise fade. Miss Klugh releases Hurley and tells him that his message to the Oceanic survivors is that they are never to come here. Henry Gale gives Michael instructions for how to get away from the island, and Michael and Walt drive away on the boat. Charlie emerges at the beach. At night, he and Claire kiss.

November 28, 2004 (Day 68) - Jack, Kate and Sawyer begin their first day as captives of the Others. Jack is in an underwater part of The Hydra - another DHARMA station. Juliet talks to him through a glass window and tries to get Jack to trust her. Sawyer is held in a cage, and later escapes with the help of Karl, a young man held in another cage. Both Sawyer and Karl are recaptured and Karl is taken away. Kate is given a dress to wear and Mr Friendly takes her to have breakfast on the beach with Ben. Ben tells her that the next two weeks are going to be tough. Kate is later put in a cage opposite Sawyer's.

November 29, 2004 (Day 69) - Colleen, one of the Others, informs Ben and Juliet that they have spotted Sayid, Sun and Jin and that they have a sailboat. Ben is surprized by this and tells Colleen that he wants the boat. Sayid, Sun and Jin set up a trap for the Others when Sayid realizes that their friends must have been captured. Juliet continues to try and get Jack to trust her. The Others, with Pickett in charge, make Kate and Sawyer break rocks all day. Alex hides in some surrounding bushes and whispers to get Kate's attention. She wants to know if Kate has seen her friend, Karl, in the cages, but Kate hasn't. At night the Others sneak on board to take the sailboat, resulting in Sun shooting Colleen. Mr Friendly succeeds in stealing the boat, leaving Sayid, Sun and Jin behind on the beach with no transportation. In order to gain Jack's trust Henry Gale reveals his real name to Jack and informs him how much time has gone by since the plane crashed and that they have contact with the outside world. He proves it with a video of the Red Sox winning the 2004 World Series. Meanwhile, on the other side of the island Locke wakes up in the middle of the jungle, and then he and Charlie search for Mr. Eko. The returning Hurley finds Desmond on the way back to the beach camp. Desmond displays strange precognitive abilities. Charlie and Locke bring Eko back to camp, after finding him in the lair of a polar bear.

November 30, 2004 (Day 70) - The Others tell Sawyer they've implanted a pacemaker in him to prevent him from trying to escape. Juliet asks Jack to scrub up to help save Colleen, but after trying for a few minutes, Colleen dies. Jack sees the x-rays of a man with a tumor on his spine. Desmond builds a lightning rod just in time for it to be vitally useful, saving Claire and Aaron's lives.

December 1, 2004 (Day 71) - Ben wakes Sawyer up before sunrise and takes him to the edge of the small island the Hydra is on. Sawyer realizes that there is nowhere to run. Ben informs him that they didn't really implant a pacemaker in his heart. At night, Ben takes Jack to join them at Colleen's funeral. Jack knows that it Ben is the one with the tumor, and he tells Ben that he doesn't have long to live. Ben wants Jack to consider operating on him to remove the tumor. Sayid, Sun and Jin arrive back at the beach camp. Eko has nightmares and his tent catches fire. After being saved by Sayid, Charlie and Hurley, Eko disappears.

December 2, 2004 (Day 72) - Locke realizes that Eko has gone to the beachcraft where Yemi's body is. Locke tells Sayid and Desmond that he wants to use the computers in the Pearl Station to communicate with the Others. Nikki and Paulo join them on a trek through the jungle. Eko has an encounter with the monster in the jungle, but it disappears when Locke arrives at the scene. At the Pearl Station, Sayid gets one of the TV monitors to work. A man with a patched eye appears on the screen, places his hand over the camera and destroys the signal. Juliet gives Jack a secret message in a home-made video tape. She warns Jack against Ben and wants him to "accidentally" kill Ben during his spinal surgery. Eko is killed by the monster in the jungle. Locke decides to bury him there, and goes to get shovels and Eko's "Jesus stick". Jack refuses to operate on Ben. Juliet asks Kate to try and persuade Jack to do the surgery, or else Pickett will kill Sawyer. When Jack learns that's why Kate is asking, he still refuses. Kate slips out of her cage and bashes open the lock on Sawyer's cage. Sawyer tells her they're on a small island and there's nowhere to run. Kate and Sawyer have sex. Someone lets Jack out of his cell and he sees Kate and Sawyer on the monitor. He tells Ben that he'll do the surgery first thing in the morning, just get him off this island.

December 3, 2004 (Day 73) - As soon as Ben is under anesthesia and Jack begins the operation, Picket drags Sawyer out of his cage and prepares to execute him in front of Kate. Jack deliberately sabatoges Ben's operation for leverage to give Kate and Sawyer an hour's head start to get away. He tells Kate to tell him the story he told her from their first meeting once she's safe. Kate and Sawyer escape and they are aided by Alex. Alex helps hide Kate and Sawyer, while Jack continues to hold Ben in a hospitol hostage situation. Jack confronts the Others with the information that Juliet wanted Ben to die on the operating table. After Ben tells Juliet to help Jack's friends escape in order to get Jack to finish the operation, Jack finishes the removal of the tumor. Kate and Sawyer help free Alex's boyfriend Karl in a trade to get Alex's boat. As Kate and Sawyer are begining to leave the "Alcatraz" island, Danny Picket threatens to shoot them. Juliet shoots Danny, and tells Alex that she can't leave.
Kate Swayer, and Karl leave the island in Alex's boat, and Jack finishes the surgery. On the main island Kate, Sawyer, and Karl reach shore where they make camp. Jack is placed in the cage of the others for the evening.
December 4, 2004 (Day 74) - During this day, Juliet is put on trial by the Others, with Isabel as their "Sheriff"/Judge. Jack offers himself as Ben's doctor in an effort to save Juliet's life. Sawyer allows Karl to leave to return to his home, and at the end of the day Sawyer and Kate are walking through the jungle to return to camp (why they didn't use their boat is never explained). The Others leave the "Alcatraz" island in a mass exodus, Jack seems to be one of them at the end (no longer being held in captivity against his will).

December 10, 2004 (Day 80) - Sayid, Locke and Kate find Mikhail. Locke blows up The Flame station. Mikhail shoots Miss Klugh on her orders. Locke pushes Mikhail in between security pylons, killing him. Claire sends a letter off in a tagged migratory bird. Sayid, Kate, Locke and Rousseau find The Other Camp. (Based on Mikhail's statement in "Par Avion" that "two weeks ago" there was an occurance that cut off communications, presumably the sky turning purple; and Claire's letter stating they'd been there 80 days)

As soon as Ben is under anesthesia and Jack begins the operation, Picket drags Sawyer out of his cage and prepares to execute him. Jack deliberately sabatoges Ben's operation. He tells Kate to tell him the story he told her from their first meeting once she's safe. Kate and Sawyer overpower Pickett and Jason, lock them in Sawyer's cage and run away. Juliet sends Ivan to go and help Pickett and then get Kate and Sawyer back. Juliet tells Jack that his plan won't work because they are on a different island. Jack tells Tom about Juliet asking him to kill Ben. Kate and Sawyer run through the jungle and make it to the beach, but Pickett, Jason and Ivan catch up to them. Alex helps them by hiding them in a underground burrow. Alex offers to give them a boat to get off the island if they help her rescue her boyfriend, Karl. Ben wakes up from surgery and overhears Jack and Tom talking about Juliet wanting Ben to die. Ben asks to speak with Juliet alone. Juliet takes off and tells Jack thet she is going to help his friends. Kate, Sawyer and Alex arrive at another part of The Hydra where she believes Karl is being kept. They take down the guard, Aldo, and find Karl tied to a chair and being brainwashed. After they rescue Karl, Pickett and Juliet arrive and she tells them that they are letting Kate and Sawyer go because Jack won't finish Ben's surgery unless he knows his friends are safe. Jack continues with Ben's surgery in the operating room. Alex takes Sawyer and Kate to a beach where a small raft is. As they put Karl in the boat, Pickett shows up to stop them. Juliet shoots him dead. She then convinces Alex that she can't go with them. She gives Kate her radio to contact Jack. Kate tells Jack that Juliet helped tham and that they are safe. Jack finishes up Ben's surgery. Kate and Sawyer row off into the ocean with Karl in the boat with them. At the survivors' beach camp, Charlie and Hurley are going through Sawyer's stash. Desmond arrives and asks them both to come with him. He takes them to Locke and Sayid in the jungle where Locke informs them of Eko's death. Desmond suddenly takes off and runs to the beach. He dives in the ocean and swims in. Charlie runs into the water but Desmond already has Claire out. He performs CPR and she wakes up.
When Juliet arrives back at the operating room, Jack wants to know what Ben told her. She tells Jack about her deal with Ben and that she has been on the island for 3 years, 2 months and 28 days. After rowing for some distance, Kate tells Sawyer that they need to go back for Jack. Sawyer refuses and Karl wakes up saying that Ben will kill them if they go back. Tom tells Jack that they are moving him somewhere else. On their way out, they pass another woman and Juliet, who is now handcuffed. Tom takes Jack outside and locks him in Sawyer's cage. Kate and Sawyer arrive at the main island. They make a fire as it starts getting dark. Karl tells him thet the Others only go to the smaller island to work on projects and that their home is also on the main island.
Jack is sitting in his cage when Isabel comes along. She reads the chinese words in Jacks's tattoos. She introduces herself as Isabel and asks Jack if he would come inside with her to answer a few questions. She takes him to a room where Tom and Juliet are and asks Jack about Juliet's request for him to kill Ben.
At the main beach camp, Charlie takes a bottle of whiskey from Sawyer's stash and takes it to Desmond as a peace offering. Desmond, Charlie and Hurley are all drunk from the whiskey and sing songs around a fire. Charlie starts asking Desmond how he knew about things before they happened. Desmond attacks Charlie and starts to strangle him, saying that Charlie has no idea what happened to him. Hurley eventually gets Desmond off of Charlie and Charlie helps Desmond get back to his tent. He once again asks Desmond to tell him what happened and Desmond reveals he gets flashes of the future and in those flashes, Charlie always dies. He says that no matter what he does, Charlie is going to die.

Day 75 12/5/2004 Jack wakes up in his cage and finds a large group of people standing around watching him and then Cindy walks up. Cindy tells Jack that they are there to watch. Emma whispers in Cindy's ear and Cindy tells Jack that she wants to know how Ana-Lucia is doing. Jack loses his temper and shouts at Cindy to leave. Kate and Sawyer wake up and find that Karl is gone. They start looking for him and hear him crying in the jungle. Sawyer goes to talk to him and tells him that if he really loves Alex he should go back and get her. Alex goes to talk to Jack in his cage. She informs Jack that Juliet is on trial for killing Pickett and that she will be executed. Jack tells Alex to let him out of the cage and take him to Ben. In the operating room, Jack says that he will treat Ben and be his doctor if Ben sees to it that Juliet doesn't get executed. On the main island, Kate is furious with Sawyer for letting Karl go. Sawyer says that Karl had a target on his back and the Others would have come looking for him. They start making their way back to camp. Alex takes Jack to the room where Juliet is on trial. They give Tom and Isabel a letter from Ben ordering Juliet's execution to be stopped. He does however give the order that Juliet be marked. Jack is back in his cage when Juliet comes to bring him a sandwich. He asks to see her mark. Jack treats her wound with some aloe leaves. Jack is taken to the beach where all the others are gathered. They are taken on small boats to a bigger boat that is waiting for them just offshore.
Day 77 12/7/2004 Charlie tells Hurley about Desmond's premonition of his death when Vincent comes out of the bushes carrying a decomposed human arm in his mouth. The arm has a key attached to the fingers. Hurley follows Vincent back into the jungle and discovers a junked mini van in the bushes. Hurley rushes into camp and tells everyone about the wrecked car. He asks for help to get the car started. No-one is interested but Jin stays behind to help. Kate and Sawyer arrive back at camp and are greeted by everyone. Later, Sawyer finds that his stash is missing and confronts Charlie and Desmond. They apologize for drinking the whiskey and tell him that they drank it with Hurley. Hurley shows Jin the car and they discover a body of a man wearing a DHARMA suit inside. Sawyer shows up to interogate Hurley about the whiskey, but Hurley grabs Sawyer and hugs him. Hurley tells Sawyer that he will help them fix the car, because there is beer in the back of the van. After realizing that the car can't be fixed, Hurley gets an idea, but goes to get Charlie first. He tells Charlie that what he has planned may result in Charlie's death, but if it doesn't, they will win and break the curse. Sawyer and Jin drink the DHARMA beer and Sawyer teaches Jin some english sentences. Kate talks with Locke and Sayid and tells them about what Karl said about the Others living on this island. She takes off and says that she is going to find help. Meanwhile, Charlie and Hurley get in the front of the van and convince Sawyer and Jin to push them down a cliff. As the car heads down the cliff towards some rocks just before they hit the rocks, the car starts and they swerve away from the rocks. Sawyer and Jin get in the van with Vincent and they drive around the valley celebrating. At night, Kate treks through the jungle alone when Locke and Sayid join her. They ask why she didn't ask for their help and she replies that they don't know where to look and they aren't motivated enough. Suddenly a gunshot goes off, but Kate calls out to someone in the jungle saying that she just wants to talk. Danielle comes out of the bushes and asks what Kate is doing. Kate says that she wants Danielle's help to find the Others' camp. She tells Danielle that she is pretty sure she met her daughter.
Day 79 12/9/2004 On the beach, Sawyer finds Sun, Jin, Nikki and Charlie carrying a ping-pong table that used to be in the hatch. Sawyer confronts everyone about his stash and makes a deal. They will have a ping-pong competition and if he wins they have to give all his stuff back. Sun tells Sawyer that if he loses he can't use nicknames for anyone for a whole week. Hurley is chosen to play and beats Sawyer. Kate, Locke, Sayid and Danielle continue on their trek through the jungle. They stop to get some fruit to eat and Sayid discovers a farm house in the jungle with cows and horses outside. He then sees the eye-patched man they saw on the monitor in the Pearl Station. Danielle refuses to go with them. Sayid approaches the house unarmed, but is shot in the arm by Mikhail. Kate and Locke manage to apprehend and disarm him. Locke goes inside the building while Kate and Sayid talk to the man. He introduces himself and says that he is the last remaining member of the DHARMA initiative. Locke plays a chess game on a computer while Mikhail gets iced tea for Sayid and Kate. Sayid tells Kate that Mikhail is lying and that he is not DHARMA, but one of the Others. Sayid is also certain that Mikhail is not alone in the building. Mikhail catches on to Sayid's suspicion and attacks him and Kate. Kate manages to pull a gun on Mikhail and they tie him up. While Sayid and Kate search for someone else in the basement, Locke gains access to another DHARMA video. Dr. Marvin Candle explains how to communicate with the outside world, but the satellite is inoperable. In the basement, Kate is attacked by Ms. Klugh, but Sayid pulls a gun on her. Kate tells Sayid that she was on the dock when they were captured and knows where Jack is. On the video, Dr. Candle says that if there is an intrusion of the station by the hostiles, to enter 77. Just as Locke is about to enter 77, Mikhail holds a knife to his throat and tells him to stop. Sayid and Kate make their way up with Ms. Klugh and find Locke and Mikhail outside. Ms. Klugh orders Mikhail to shoot her, which he does. Locke prevents him from shooting himself. Back at the beach, Hurley consoles Sawyer about Kate. As night falls, Sayid takes a tied up Mikhail out and calls for Danielle. Sayid says he found a map leading from The Flame to a place called the Barracks. Suddenly the entire Flame Station explodes. Locke tells them that he entered 77 into the computer. They set off to find the Barracks.

December 26, 2004 (Day 96) - Unknown island events.
An earthquake in the Indian Ocean causes a tsunami that affects Thailand, Sri Lanka, the Maldives, India, Bangladesh, Burma, Indonesia and Malaysa with tremors felt as far away as Singapore, Africa and Australia (information courtesy ).


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