Time Travel

Time travel is one of the mysteries of Lost. The Island's unique electromagnetic properties allows for time traveling. The Dharma Initiative researched time travel, which is the purpose of the Orchid. After Ben moved the Island, it is currently skipping through different times.
Ms. Hawking tells Desmond his future
Desmond relives his past, and meets Ms. Hawking.
After turning the fail safe key, Desmond relived part of his life. During this time, he asks his friend, Donovan, about time travel. Donovan says that if he is reliving part of his life, he will be able to predict what happens in the future. When they are at the pub, a soccer game is being shown on the television. He claims that Graybridge will come back at the end of the game to win. This does not happen, and Donovan says that there is no such thing as time travel.
When Desmond goes to a jewelry shop to buy a ring for Penny. Ms. Hawking says that he is not supposed to buy the ring. She then tells him what he will do in the future, which is that he will end up on an island pushing a button for three years. She claims that the universe has a way of course correcting, and there is no way to change the future.
Daniel's time travel experiment
Daniel transports Eloise's conscious into the future.
Desmond's conscious experiences time travel as a "side effect" of traveling to the Kahana from the Island. He switches between the times of 1996 and December 24th, 2004. Because he had no "constant", his mind could not anchor into the correct time. Brandon and Minkowski, two members of the Kahana, died because of this. Desmond visits Daniel at Oxford University in 1996, where Daniel does an experiment with a rat named Eloise. He transports her conscious into the future where she is taught how to complete a maze course. When she returns to the present, she manages to complete the maze, even though she had not been taught in in that time. She too, dies because she had no constant. Desmond manages to contact his constant, Penny, in both time periods.
The Island moves
The Island moves.
In the Orchid orientation video, Dr. Edgar Halliwax describes the purpose of the station, which is doing experiments regarding time travel. He explains that there is a pocket of exotic matter, which can be used to time travel. He places a rabbit inside the Vault, where it would seemingly disappear for a moment in time.
Ben destroys the Vault, which reveals a chamber underneath it. Inside this place is a frozen wheel. He turns the wheel, which moves the Island through space and time. As a consequence of this, Ben is expelled from the Island, and appears in the Sahara Desert in Tunisia several months in the future.
When the Island is moved, it becomes lodged in time, causing it to skip to different time periods. Before the Island moves to the next time period, there is a blinding light, similar to when the discharge of the Swan occurred. However, only the survivors are affected to this effect, as the Others are not travelling through time. So far, the survivors have traveled through the following time periods (in order of when they traveled there):
  • Daniel, Charlotte, and Miles captured by the Others
    The Others holding Daniel, Charlotte, and Miles captive in 1954.
    Between 2002-2004: The survivors notice their camp has disappeared. Locke witnesses the drug smugglers' plane crash, and encounters Ethan.
  • 2005 or later: The survivors arrive at the Swan, but it is imploded. Locke meets Richard, who gives him a compass saying that the next time they meet, he will not recognize Locke.
  • Between 2001-2004: The hatch returns, and Sawyer attempts to make contact with Desmond. Daniel explains that he cannot do this, because the past cannot be changed. Daniel makes contact with Desmond, who is in the Swan. He tells him that he must find his mother in the future.
  • 1954: The survivors go back the the beach, where they are are attacked by the Others. Daniel, Miles, and Charlotte are captured by the Others, and are taken to their camp, where Daniel attempts to disarm a nuclear bomb, named Jughead. Locke meets Richard, and tells him to go to Tustin, California, in 1956, when he will be born. Charles Widmore is discovered to of been an Other during this time.
  • The survivors see the light from the Swan
    Locke and Sawyer witness the light coming from the hatch.
    November 2004: Charlotte collapses due to the time travelling, and is eventually revived. The survivors see the hatch light, from when Locke was pounding on the door after Boone died. Sawyer witnesses Claire giving birth to Aaron, and sees Kate. Miles begins to have the same symptoms as Charlotte .
  • 2005 or later: The survivors discover their camp has been ransacked, and discover a canoe with an Ajira Airways water bottle. They take the canoe in order to travel to the Orchid, but are attacked by an unknown group of people.
  • 1988: They manage to get to shore, while a storm is taking place. Juliet begins to have nosebleeds. They discover wreckage on the shore. Rousseau and the science expedition crash on the Island, and find Jin floating in the ocean.
Daniel in the Orchid
Daniel in the 1970s, among the Dharma Initiative.
In the 1970s, Dr. Pierre Chang examines a problem in the Orchid. The drills were melting as the construction workers attempted to break through a rock wall. He orders the workers to stop drilling, because of the energy behind the wall. He claims that the energy can be used to manipulate time. As he leaves, he bumps into Daniel, disguised as a worker for the Dharma Initiative.
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We have seen the survivors go to different time periods, including some during the time they crashed on the Island. What if in previous seasons, some of the characters who are time travelling have actually interacted with other survivors. What I mean by this is that we may have seen some people from the future in past episodes without even realizing this. Here are some examples:

Rose was certain that Bernard was alive when they first crashed, despite him being in the tail section. Locke has a way of knowing what is best for the survivors (and even can accurately predict when it will rain).

I was also thinking about Adam and Eve from Season 1. I think that it could be possible that these skeletons are current characters that have traveled in the past (Jack or Sawyer and Kate could be one example).

Before Charlotte died, she said that Daniel had warned her never to come back to the Island in the past. Daniel could have traveled to a time with the Dharma Initiative, as seen in the season 5 premiere, and warned her not to come because he knows she will die. However, since you cannot change the past, his attempts will ultimately fail.

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I tried getting us a start on this page. Edit and change at will anyone. I figured it best to start where we first started seeing time travelling occur and go from there. Hope I did ok, I attemped to summarize, copy and paste a bit, of the episode "The Constant" as that is where we first see time travelling.. Might give us clues to understand the things we are learning about time travelling in the new season.
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