The Ultimate Lost Connection

Forget the numbers, the time warps, the black smoke for a minute and noodle on this Lost conundrum: What exactly is the nature of Jabba the Hutt's connection to World Championship Wrestling? What bizarre strand of common DNA forever bonds Sesame Street's to the pork industry? (No, it's not Miss Piggy.)
Grimace Jabba Stay-Puft International House of Pancakes
Pillsbury Deep Dish Jethro Kong
Hulk Muttonchops Avalanche Rerun
Grape Ape Montezuma Pork Pie Snuffy
Lardo JumboTron Babar Mongo
Three Men and a Baby Chicken Little Hammo Hoss
Give up, Hoss? Then click ahead for the answer, Pork Pie...

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fallinpoet New Lost fan... 0 Feb 27 2010, 5:08 PM EST by fallinpoet
Thread started: Feb 27 2010, 5:08 PM EST  Watch
This is my 1st year of following LOST! I've watched all 5 seasons & finally caught up with season 6.
Thanks to a few great friends who told me ''Lost'' is where it's at. So true!
My topic is..I've always collected everything ''Polar Bears'' Now i'm their a connection??;)
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