The Smoke "Monster"

The smoke on the island is a living, almost breathing entity and swirls around in the jungle tearing up trees, and generally striking fear into the hearts of the Islanders who encounter it. The smoke has made periodic appearances, with its first appearance (unseen) when a loud noise and the crashing of palm trees is heard from the jungle. It also has the ability to project images of someones past. Both Ben and Juliet claim to know nothing about the Monster, but Ben was able to "summon" it to attack the mercenaries attacking the Barracks.

The monster actually has a source, it can be controlled. At one point in Season 4 Ben enters a private room alone and does something to make the monster come. He has it try and kill some men that came onto the island from the helicopter. the men wanted to take Ben and possibly kill him.

On the fifth day on the Island Locke ventures in the jungle to hunt boar, and finds himself face to face with the monster. Later, during Season One, in Exodus II, while Locke, Jack, Hurley, and Kate are carrying the dynamite they found at the Black Rock, the monster appears. As they carefully make their way back through the jungle, the smoke Monster descends upon Locke and he falls to the ground. The Monster pulls him through the jungle and into a hole, and after a nasty tug of war, Kate releases the Monster's hold on Locke by throwing dynamite down the hole. Before this whole chapter, Danielle Rousseau said that it was the Island's security system.

In Season Two, we get an even better look at the smoke Monster in The 23rd Psalm, when it actually develops a recognizable face. Charlie and Mr. Eko are in the jungle and Mr. Eko has an encounter with the smoke and through it we see multiple images of his past.

After seventy-one days on the Island, Eko is called to be judged by his brother, and while he's on the jungle the smoke appears near him multiple times, and almost engulfs him in the moment when Locke arrives. After Eko refuses to confess to his brother Yemi, the smoke grabs him and violently murders him.

After John saw the monster, he told Jack "I've seen in the eye of the island, and what I saw... was beautiful". He then changes his attitude, and states that everyone was brought to the Island for a reason - destiny took them there. When he asks Eko, on The Cost of Living, what he saw, he tells him that he saw a beautiful, white light. Later, prior to Eko's burial, he tells Sayid that what killed Eko is the same thing that took them to the Island, and that he was killed for a reason.

In "Left Behind", Kate and Juliet encounter the Monster in the night. They hide in a tree, and then there are flashes of light (as if it is taking pictures of them). Later on, They see the Monster again. they go behind the sonic fence, and then Juliet turns it on. The Monster comes, but is repelled by it. Juliet says that it doesn't like the fence and that is all she knows about it.

After the barracks are attacked, Ben enters his secret room, sealing himself. He entered another room, with a door covered in hieroglyphics. Later, he comes out, covered in dust. A rumbling is heard, and the Monster appears, much larger than ever seen before. It also has lightning-like flashes emitting from inside the smoke. It enters the tree line, attacking the mercenaries. They fire at the Monster, but it does no damage to it. The Monster seems to cover the entire area, coiling like a snake.

So far the Smoke Monster has claimed several victims including:

  • Some people believe that the Monster is seen in the first episode when Gary Troup is sucked into a plane engine. Right after being sucked in, a black shape can be seen swooping from the sky and hitting the engine just as it explodes. It was later revealed by the producers that the black shape was used for special effects timing, and wasn't removed properly afterward.

  • The producers have also stated that The "monster" doesn't appear in the first episode at all.

  • A popular belief is that the Monster is made up of nanobots. However, the producers have repeatedly debunked this theory. In the Official Lost Podcast, Damon Lindelof said: "Ohh, nanobots. I don't know how many times you can go on record and say that the Smoke Monster is NOT made up of nanobots before you stop getting asked that question".

  • What is the Monster?
  • What are the noises it makes?
  • How does it make flashes of people's past?
  • How (assuming it is true) does the Monster create a manifestation of other people?
  • What other abilities can it do?
  • How did Ben "summon" the Monster?
  • How was the Monster created?

What does the Smoke Monster mean? Share your theories!

-New Theory Based on the Events of Season 5: Ok, so if you look at recent events in the fifth season, you may be able to make a very good guess concerning what exactly is the smoke monster. The real nudge in the right direction starts in the episode Dead is Dead. We learn where the smoke monster lives/spends free time, and we learn that the monster is capable of doing more then just wack people around for jollies, but that it can actually judge people to determine whether they should live or die. However, the episode that may have told us the most about the smoke monster is the one where it doesn't show up. That episode is the season 5 finale, The Incident. We learn that there is someone somewhat similar to Jacob (super friggin old) who's been on the island about as long as he has, and we figure out he wants to kill Jacob. Now later in the episode, we learn that in modern times he's taken on the physical shape of John Locke in order to trick Ben into killing Jacob, and the only reason Ben originally plans to go through with this plan is because the smoke monster (in the form of Alex) threatens to kill him if he doesn't do as Locke tells him. Now, I know that the run of the mill black smoke you find at bon fires isn't exactly the smartest collection of particles out there, but considering the fact that the smoke monster can take the shape of anything it choses can tell that there's gotta be some brains in there. It's part of the island, and the island's not stupid, if Locke isn't really Locke, then the island would know that. The only reason the smoke monster would then claim that Locke is Locke then is because it wants Ben to think that. Also, this guy in the finale seems to have mastered the ability of shapeshifting, now, who else do we know that can do that? (if you're not paying attention, it's the smoke monster) Also, if they both shape-shift, and you've never seen the two together in a single location at the same time, isn't it safe to assume that...

*Drum Roll Please*

The un-named guy at the beginning of the season 5 finale IS THE SMOKE MONSTER!

That does feel like a JJ Abrams move to me. Thanks for your time fellas, don't forget to tip your waitresses.

-As crazy as this sounds, is it possible that this smoke monster may be here because of Walt? We already know that several things on the island have coincidentally happened as Walt thought are saw them (ex. The polar bear, dead birds on multiple occasions, sudden changes in weather). Maybe the smoke monster is a manifestation of the darker side of Walt's mind, or maybe it is the manifestation of one of the other survivor's minds. Suggestions anybody?

- Okay, the way I see it is like this: Anybody notice how the writer and producers were very particular about the noises that the smoke monster made? And how in episode recaps the sounds have been altered a bit? Well, an easy explanation of this, at least for me, would be that the monster takes on two forms, or instances. not of "good and evil" or "light and dark". (I won't dismiss this as being a strong and running theme to the show, but i just don't think that it applies here) I've noticed how the smoke monster makes two different kinds of noises

The first is a type of clicking, scanning type noise, the one that we hear most often, and could easily be confused or mistaken with the typical jungle or cricket noises that we would expect to hear. This sound is heard when the monster (the smoke part of it) is at it's most mobile, when it's flitting and whispering around the jungle, a real sort of smoky and agile entity, very light. This "wispy" instance of the smoke monster is the type that makes the clicking scanning noise. (This instance can be found when it is first stalking Eko in the episode of his death) It would also be safe to assume that
this form of the monster is the one that can *shudder* manifest itself into other things, such as Eko's brother Yemi, Jack's dad, Vincent, Kate's horse etc. I just want to make it clear that I hope that it isn't able to manifest itself or change it's form to mimic character's forms

The second instance, the more monster-like instance is the one that kills the pilot, attempts to drag Locke into the hole in the season 1 finale, and eventually kills Eko. It is the breathing, sort of gurgling smoke monster, where you hear the cranking and sort of "roar" (which lead some people to believe it was a dinosaur way back in season 1 when we hadn't seen any smoke) Has anybody noticed how in this instance, whenever the smoke monster attacks, it is usually rather immobile and set in one place? I think that maybe in this instance of the "smoke" it is controlling a large metal machine, that has the capacity to kill and harm, but only with the control of the smoke monster. This is where I think that magnetism may have a larger part to play in this show. Perhaps (and I know this may sound ridiculous but go with me for a second here) Perhaps the "smoke monster" is nothing more than just a flying cloud of iron filings, obviously controlled by very advanced electromagnetics, giving it the ability to scan people's minds (such as Eko) and control larger heaps of metal (iron) This would certainly make sense, saying that the iron filings could wrap themselves around this static machine that could be left anywhere on the island, and cause great mayhem, giving it more power. This is why we hear the cranking of chains and metal, the static metal machine is left around the island in places that no-one would look (In front of the cockpit of the plane, in that massive hole in the ground, and in that big bush before it kills Eko)

This theory would make sense when we apply it to the instance when Locke is dragged down in to the hole by it. First of all, we hear the clicking smoke monster, and see it (in it's first agile form), then later on, when it drags Locke, we hear the chains and metal clanking and creaking because the original smoke monster has wrapped itself around this metal machine, that has been left in this hole) I won't discuss right now as to what the how why who when and whatever to this is, I'll leave that for another time.

And didn't the producers say that we've only seen a very small percentage of the "smoke monster"? (It would be nice if someone could find the exact quote for this to back me up.

So, to summarise,

And now, you can pick the guts out of my theory .

- I think there are two monsters , one good and one evil. The black smoke monster ( the evil) was Eko's brother and led him to his death. He could also be Walt, since he led to the death of Shannon. Both of these were mostly black apparitions.
As for the second monster( the good one) would be the one Locke saw, since he describes it as a beautiful light. This monster would be helping the survivors by visions like Christian (he led Jack to the caves).

- The smoke "creature" has the ability to take different forms, since in episode 5 of Season 3, "The Cost of Living", the entity that appears to be Eko's brother denies its identity as Yemi, leading us to believe that it was in fact the black smoke creature that had taken Yemi's form and lured Eko in the jungle. Furthermore,if this is in fact true then it would explain the appearance of people like Christian, Walt, Yemi, Dave coming out of the jungle. Producers have hinted that this could indeed be true. All of these appeared characters had a purpose (Eko's confession, leading Jack to the caves, trying to get Hurley to kill himself, and warning Shannon). It could have also taken the form of Kate's horse and Sawyer's boar; if you listen carefully, during the first scene of whispers in "Outlaws", you can clearly hear the monster, and even more once it's heard "It'll come back around".

-Many people think that the monster took the form of Dave, but Dave was Hurley's "Imaginary friend".

-Juliet says in the episode that aired 4/4/07 that "BSM" it doesn't like the invisible security system the others has set up. The same one that John threw Patchy in and "killed" him.

- The smoke "monster" is their fears and the bad things they did before the crash. In "The 23rd Psalm", Eko just stares at the monster and it goes away. Maybe this is a sign of him facing his fears and his sad past. I think that it taking the form of the people they knew is a sign of them facing their past again.

- The BSM has a definite mechanical sound to it, so I'm in with the idea that it's some sort of machine. One of the 'maps' of the island refers to something called 'Cerberus', and I'm gonna guess that's the BSM. "Cerberus" is a 3-headed dog that guards the Underworld in Greek mythology. And we can actually see the 3 faces when the smoke monster faced Mr. Eko in Season 2.

- If you listen closely, when the monster is whipping Eko around, there is a distinct sound of machinery, almost like a roller-coaster that's starting up a hill. It's possible that the black smoke is some sort of machine.

- Here is something that I discovered. The smoke monster closely resembles Cynothoglys, the Mortician god. I do not know how factual this information is, but if you want to read more about it go to . After you read this, you will find many similarities between the two.

- I'm not sure what the smoke really means, but at the top of this page, it says, "the hand the monster grabbed Eko with was long, and skinny (maybe like an orangutan?)" On the Hanso Foundation site, it showed a life-extension project, of an orangutan named Joop, who turned 105. Perhaps there is a connection.

-The producers of lost told us that we have been seeing the monster, after "the 23rd Psalm". Perhaps the monster has a manifestation of itself among the castaways. Only one new character appears after the 23rd psalm. Benjamin Linus. And as far as Ben goes there are many oddities about him.

-Seems to me the Cerebus parallel is good. But I don't stop there. " Smokie" is like a dark and troubled Conscious. You have them landing on a tropical island,,a paradise if you will,,and what ruins it all?..A dark and troubled conscious. Smokie appears to be the polar opposite of the island. Smokie appears to be that which stops these Losties from enjoying Paradise. The Others simply put up a fence to stop being bothered by Smokie. The Others simply ignore their conscious. They have no humanity because they ignore that which would bring them to it. Eko faced Smokie down. He would not let Smokie dissuade him from his ,," I did the best I could with what i was given" perspective on his life. The dark and troubled conscious ended his existence and sent Eko off the island dreaming of a ideal Brotherhood. Smokie as the Cerebus guardian not letting the inhabitants leave their personal Hell describes the entity well....and to think,, that alls it would take to be rid of a prescription for Prosaic.

If no one else noticed watch one of the episodes where the monster appears and slow it down, go frame by frame and you will see that that as the camera goes through the monster it shows pictures of the flashbacks in their lives, try it.

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Jacob threw his brother into the creek and the brother floated into the Light Tunnel cave. Seconds later the Black Smoke Monster flew out of that cave and disappeared into the woods. Later Jacob found his brother washed up lying dead on the rocks. My question is: the Black Smoke Monster that flew out of that cave and disappeared into the woods, was that the brother-turned-Smoke Monster, or was it the original actual Smoke Monster that was living down in that Light Cave all the time?
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The Smoke Monster appeared in Hurly flashbacks when the asteroid hit the restaurant AND when his house caught fire.
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I think that the smoke is a kind of Nanobot. So small and it's able to take on any shape. A mist or cloud to transport it. I read a book in which Nanobot's traveled that way. Mind you I can not remember the name of that book.
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