The Project Emails

The page shows the summaries of each email sent to people from the Dharma Initiative during the Dharma Initiative Recruiting Project.

6/19/08: When signing up at, there is a notice that states that you will soon receive an email. That email came on June 19th. This email thanks the people for joining, and reminds them of the recruiting dates, and encourages people to spread the word about Octagon Global Recruiting. The email can be read .

7/18/08: A second email was sent on July 18th. Hans Van Eeghen claims that he will be there for the launch of the recruiting at Comic-Con, at booth 3529. The email also gives instructions to those people attending Comic-Con, and says an assessment test will be available online starting July 28th. The email can be read .

8/9/08: An email sent August 9th was sent regarding the security breach at Comic-Con, in which Dan Bronson managed to show everyone the secret video. In it, Hans Van Eeghan says will undergo a security upgrade during the next few days. The email can be read .

8/14/08: An email was sent on August 14th, apparently only to people who attended Comic-Con. The email thanks them for their participation. The email can be read .

8/15/08: An email sent to all people on August 15th informed them that the security upgrades are completed on the site. He also says that many people have emailed him about the nature of the next test, but cannot comment on those inquiries. He says that the site has an announcement of the date of the next test, which is August 19th. The email can be read .

8/20/08: On August 20th, an email was sent to inform all members that the first test is now available. He also talks about the founding of the newly constructed Dharma Initiative, and that "today is the most wonderful of days". The email can be read .

8/28/08: Information regarding the second test was sent in an email on August 28th. It gives a brief synopsis on what the test is about, and that only the first try counts towards the overall test results. It also talks about "Dharma" points, and encourages participants to earn them. The email can be read .

9/4/08: An email about the third test was sent late September 4th. Hans Van Eeghan also expresses his feelings towards the first two tests, claiming that his is greatly pleased at the encouraging results. He says that he is currently compiling individual Volunteer Assessment Dossiers. The email can be read .

9/11/08: A new way to earn Dharma points and expand participation was announced in an email on September 11th. Participants can create their individual tests, and send it to other users so that they can earn Dharma points. The email can be read .

9/12/08: An email on the fourth test was sent on September 12th. It also highlights the Recruit Created Assessments (RCA), and Hans Van Eeghan says he is pleased at the participation of the new ability. He also says that some people will be eligible to be promoted to Instructor in the Volunteer Assessment Program. The email can be read .

9/18/08: This email announces the release of the fifth test on An announcement of the closing date of the recruitment program is noted. The closing date will by October 7, 2008, at 12:00PM PST. All tests will be inaccessible after that time. The email can be read .

9/25/08: This email covered many topics. First, the sixth test was announced, which discussed details on it, and that the test is based on each participant's past results. He also announces the people who have been promoted to 'Instructor' status. Finally, he continues to warn people of "Black Swan" and that participants who have been taking cheats will be "dealt with appropriately by the Dharma Initiative's Recruit Evaluation Panel." The email can be read .

10/2/08: This email is about the seventh test. It is described as being the "most challenging" test. It will also seriously reflect on the final role in the Dharma Initiative. After the test is taken, all the results will be analyzed by the Volunteer Recruitment Evaluation Panel. The final dossier will be available December 15th, 2008. The email can be read .

11/18/08: This email wraps up the Dharma Initiative Recruiting Project. The dossier was released on this day, a month earlier than planned. Due to the 2008 Financial Crisis, the Dharma Initiative does not have enough money to continue, and plans for recreating the Dharma Initiative is no longer possible. The Dharma Initiative was sold to the show Lost. The email also mentions that many members of the Dharma Initiative have fled to South America, and Hans Van Eeghen will be getting a new job in Dubai. The email can be read .

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