The Never-ending Game of Go

Could the whole show be based on an ancient board game from the far East? Remember when John Locke first met Walter on the island and introduced him to a game involving a black pebble and a white pebble? Could this dualist natured game represent the opposing forces in constant competition for territorial domination? As well as represent the many themes of humanity's ideas of good and evil...

My guess is Jacob and other John Locke are really part of the same 'substance', both constituting the same God fighting against itself, manifested through nature. I see many parallels to Eastern Philosophy, as well, as other views from Western philosophers such as, Schopenhauer, Spinoza, even Nietzsche to some extent.

Or the whole show could be a combination of various ancient board games throughout history, such as mancala, chess, and backgammon. Depending on how you view the behavior of characters, I think you can justify anysimilarities.


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