The Lamp Post

The Lamp Post LogoThe Lamp Post is a Dharma Initiative station located underneath a church in Los Angeles. The station was built to locate the Island, by identifying event windows. The Island is constantly moving to other locations with unique electromagnetic properties, and the station was also built on top of a pocket of electromagnetism.

The station is currently being monitored by Eloise Hawking. She knew how to get to the Island, and told Ben to gather the Oceanic 6 so that they can come back to the Island. By doing various calculations, the coordinates of where the Island will be discovered. She managed to find an event window in the Pacific. It just so happened that Ajira Airways Flight 316 flew over this. The Oceanic 6 will be able to go back to the Island via the plane.

Inside the station is a giant Foucalt pendulum, swinging over a map of the world. As the pendulum passes, it makes a marking on the ground. Eloise made a comment that a "smart man" came up with the idea of the pendulum, because it is not a question of where the Island is, but when. There is a computer which is very similar to that in the Swan, along with other machines. There is a chalkboard with various calculations, and a picture of the Island which was taken by the U.S. Army on September 23rd, 1954. A board with the coordinates of where the Island will be is on the wall, which is occasionally changing.

Inside the Lamp Post
The interior of the Lamp Post
The logo is like the other Dharma logos in the style of the trigrams, but does not include the word "Dharma". It first appeared on, and later appeared on the Ajira Airways website. It was first seen on the show on the computer.

  • The Lamp Post is an allusion to The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, in the Chronicles of Narnia. In the book, a lamp post marks the location between Narnia and this world.


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