The Incident

This page is about the event. For the episode, see 5.16 "The Incident".

The Incident

The Swan construction site is destroyed as a result of the Incident.
The Incident was an event caused during the construction of the Swan in 1977. It was first mentioned in the Swan orientation video, where Dr. Marvin Candle said that the Incident resulted in the protocol of pushing the button in the Swan to be created. By pushing the button every 108 minutes, the electromagnetic buildup would be discharged.

Not long after some of the Oceanic 6 returned to the Island in 1977, the Incident occurred. Daniel Faraday believed that the Incident could be stopped, and therefore, by changing the past, Flight 815 would of landed
at Los Angeles instead of crashing on the island. He believed that the only way to stop in was to detonate the hydrogen bomb. Miles suggested that perhaps the cause of the Incident would be the detonation of the bomb.

The Hydrogen Bomb

The Bomb just before its detonation.
Dr. Pierre Chang finally discovered that the survivors are in fact from the future, and have knowledge of what is about to happen. Dr. Chang called for the immediate evacuation of nonessential personal, who were taken off the Island via the submarine. Despite Dr. Chang ominously warning Radzinsky to halt drilling, he refused to do so. The drill being used in the construction hit a pocket of electromagnetic emery, unleashing the energy.

Jack, who obtained the core of the hydrogen bomb, dropped it into the pocket. After several intense seconds, nothing happened. Then, metallic objects were caught in the electromagnetic field, being dragged down into the hole created by the drill. Dr. Chang injures his arm, when the drill crashes onto him while he attempted to stop it. Juliet was caught by chains, and as a result, fell into the hole. Having barely survived the fall, she managed to use what little energy she had left to hit the bomb with a rock eight times before it detonated. The result of the detonation is unknown.

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