The Black Rock

The Black Rock is a slaving ship that was found far inland on the Island. It was explored in "Exodus: Part 1" and "Exodus: Part 2", and later in "The Brig". Not much is known about the history of the ship, and it remains a mystery as to how it ended up so far inland. According to a note on the blast door map, Magnus Hanso, the great grandfather of Alvar Hanso, was on the ship.

Rousseau had mentioned the ship several times. Rousseau took Locke, Hurley, Jack, Kate, and Arzt to the Black Rock to get dynamite which they would use to blow up the hatch door. She said that the Black Rock is in an area called the dark territory. Inside the ship was skeletons of the slaves that were shackled, mining equipment, and dynamite. They took the dynamite out. Arzt warned them that it is very unstable. As he was telling them how to transport it safely, the dynamite he was holding exploded, killing him.

Later, Locke and Sawyer went to the Black Rock. Locke had tied up his father, Anthony Cooper, inside. He tells Sawyer to kill him. While they were there, Rousseau came to get some dynamite. When Sawyer finds out that Cooper conned his parents, which led to their deaths, Sawyer strangles him to death.

The Black Rock's first mate journal was in auction in 1996 at Southfield's. It was lot #2342, and sold for £380,000 to Charles Widmore.

In the ARG, Find 815,The Black Rock was being searched for by the Maxwell Group on board the Christiane I. It was believed to of sank at the Sundra Trench in 1881.

  • How did the Black Rock end up so far inland?
  • Why did the Ship travel across the Pacific Ocean, and not the Atlantic Ocean?

  • The Black Rock ended up shipwrecked so far inland due to the island moving.
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neptunebunny br manifest 1 Feb 4 2009, 7:01 AM EST by #1LostFan
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This link has the blackrocks' passenger manifest: There were some widmores aboard and daniel faraday is listed as well.
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ScarClaw Widmore 8 Feb 3 2009, 7:19 AM EST by rosie08
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in the episode "the constant" (I think) when Desmond went back, he found widmore at an auction, he was buying the only artifact left from the black rock, it was the log of the first mate! I think he knew that the ship was on the island and he bought the log to find it!
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