The Barracks

The BarracksThe Barracks is a residential area where the Dharma Initative members lived. It is surrounded by the Sonic Fence, and has a dock nearby. There is also a playground and a gazebo. It was taken over by the Others during the Purge.

Ben and the Dharma Initiative came to the Barracks after arriving to the island. They went inside the main hall, and Roger Linus discovered he is a janitor. A orientation video was playing, with Dr. Marvin Candle. The workers used blue vans with the Dharma logo on them to Dharma Vanstravel across the island. A ferry traveled back and forward three times a day to the Hydra station. Ben and Annie attended a school in the Barracks. One day a siren sounded, which meant that there was an attack by the Hostiles. Ben joined the Hostiles, and they did a purge on the Barracks, killing all the Dharma members by using toxic gas. The bodies where taken to a huge grave and were dumped there in the open. The Others have lived there since.

The PurgeJack was held captive there after Ben's Surgery. Sayid, Kate, and Locke came to the Barracks to rescue him. Jack did not want to get rescued, because he was going to go home. Kate and Sayid was captured but Locke was not. He went to the dock, and blew up the submarine. Locke was then captured, but he decided to join them. The Others abandoned the Barracks and went to the Temple.

Locke's group settled at the Barracks after the split of the survivors. Ben was kept in an underground section of his house, which is now occupied by Locke. Miles was locked in a nearby boathouse, but Kate managed to free him so he can talk to Ben. He requested $3.2 million, and he will not tell the freighter he is alive.

Kate, Claire, and Aaron at the BarracksBen persuaded Locke to free him. He showed him a video, which was titled "Red Sox". The tape showed a man being beat up, who Ben claimed to be one of his people. A man came out of a car, Charles Widmore. Ben revealed that he was in charge of the Kahana.

Locke holds a meeting, explaining everything he knew about the people on board the Kahana, including Michael being Ben's spy on the boat. Ben tells Alex, Rousseau, and Karl to get as far away as possible, and head to the Temple for refuge.

Claire's house is destroyedAfter the mercenaries from the Kahana captured Alex, they told her to turn off the Sonic Fence. This triggered a warning, causing the phone to ring, with an automated message: Code 14J. Ben barricaded the house, as the invasion began. Claire was still inside her house, so Sawyer, who just witnessed the deaths of several people, ran to save her. One mercenary blew up her house with an RPG, but she survived the attack. The firing stopped, and Keamy, the leader of the mercenaries, communicated with Ben. He held Alex hostage, and told Ben to surrender or else she would die. Ben refused to give up, and Alex was killed. As night came, Ben summoned the Monster to attack the mercenaries, and the survivors abandoned the Barracks.


  • Why did the Others abandon the Barracks?
  • Why does Ben's house have an underground section and hidden room?

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