The "REAL" Natives

four toed statueIn the episode about Ben's childhood, "The Man Behind the Curtain" the Dharma Initiative members refer to "the hostiles" several times. Are these hostiles who we know now as "the others" or are they a completely different group of people? Perhaps these "hostiles" are the source of the whispering that many of the losties have experienced, or perhaps they are real natives of the island, a completely different race, one with four toed beings. Many times, we have heard Ben tell characters that his people are not the bad guys, but then who are? If there is a group of people on the island that the losties have not yet directly encountered, then who are they, and why are they so seemingly invisible?

Is it possible that in the seasons to come, a completely different group will be introduced? Perhaps one that is much stronger. This different group will force the losties to unite with the "others," who from time to time, mention that there are forces on the island that are stronger than imaginable. Jacob could be a representative from this group, but he is one of the only ones that approve of the "others," so he helps them, but most of jacob's race despise humans, and so they lurk in the wilderness, whispering, and waiting for the right time to attack. This group has been on the island since before time, even before our "others."

The The The
Who Jacob was: One of the powerful natives of the island
Whohe is now: One of the only natives that approves of the others being on the island. He knows that his people are plotting to destroy them, so he wants to help.

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