Survivors vs Others

Survivors of Oceanic Flight 815 are struggling for survival in the Island, and are in war with "The Others". Here is the score:

Survivors: Killed 23 Others. 18 direct, 5 indirect.
Others: Killed 7 Survivors. 3 Direct, 4 indirect.


Direct Kills = 18

Ana-Lucia (Dead) killed 2 Others, 1 when they were trying to kidnap them, and Goodwin.
Mr. Eko (Dead) killed 2 Others, when they were trying to kidnap them.
Charlie Pace (Dead) killed Ethan Rom.
Sawyer killed 1 Other in Season 2 Finale, when Michael led them to the Trap.
Sun Kwon Shot and killed Colleen Pickett (an Other).
Sawyer shot one Other in 1974.

10 Others killed in season 3 Finale when they raid:

Sayid Jarrah killed 3 by shooting at dynamite, and broke neck of one when Hurley and Sawyer saved them.
Bernard killed 3 by shooting at dynamite.
Jin Kwon killed one when he couldn't explode Dynamite and Others charged at him.
Hurley killed one by running over him with Dharma initiative van.
Sawyer shot Tom.

Indirect Kills = 5

Mikhail Bakunin Killed 3, Miss Klugh (because Sayid, Kate and Locke caught them). Killed Bonnie and Greta in the Looking Glass station (Ben orders, because Charlie reached there). May have killed himself, but we won't count it yet.

Juliet Burke Shot and killed Danny Pickett (an Other).
Juliet shot one Other from 1974.

The Others

Direct Kills = 3

Goodwin killed Nathan.
Ethan killed Scott.
Mikhail Bakunin killed Charlie.

Indirect Kills = 4

Via Ana-Lucia Cortez Accidentally shot and killed Shannon. Ana was chased by The Others.
Bribed Michael Dawson to rescue Ben. Michael killed Ana-Lucia, and accidentally shot Libby.
Artz Leslie died while he was trying to carry Dynamite to defend against "The Others" attack.

Other killings

The only other killing since they crashed on the Island is Nikki killing Paulo and herself by getting bitten by spider and being buried alive.
Boone died by accident.
Eko was killed by the smoke monster.

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