Sun-Hwa Kwon

SunThe Actress: Yunjin Kim

Flashback Episodes:
"House of the Rising Sun", "... And Found", "The Whole Truth", "The Glass Ballerina", "D.O.C."

Flashforward Episodes: "Ji Yeon"

Appears in Jin's flashback in "... In Translation"

Biography: Sun-Hwa Kwon is one fo the survivors of Oceanic Flight 815. She was travelling on the plane with her husband Jin-Soo Kwon. Their marriage has been very unstable, on and off the island, mainly due to Jin's controlling and violent nature and also because of Sun's many secrets that she will go to great lengths to protect even if it involves hurting others e.g the maid in 'The Glass Ballerina'. She is currently pregnant with Jin's child, and according to Juliet the pregnancy will kill her in two months like every other pregnant woman who has concieved on the island....

Hails from: Seoul, Korea

Plane Section: Middle

Who she was before: Sheltered daughter of a mobster, cheater on husband

Who she is now: Gardener, herbal medicine practitioner, sailor, Other-killer, competent woman, soon-to-be mother with a good chance of dying, hottie.

Why she was in Australia: Traveling with Jin on "family" business.

Daddy issues: Learned from her husband that her father was a ruthless criminal.

Romantic entanglements:
Pre-island: Resisted matrimonial setups until she met hotelier Jae, fell in love with Jin once Jae said he was in love with another.

Had an affair with Jae after marrying Jin. Sun originally asked Jae to teach her English, but they ended up having an affair. Her father found out, and sent Jin to kill the man. Jin let him live, but Jae committed suicide.

Speculation: He (Jae Lee) may have been Sun's baby's father. This turns out to be untrue as we find out when Juliet examines Sun, in the episode"D.O.C.," that she became pregnant on the island.

Sun and JinOn the island: Tension with Jin led to a subtle flirtation with Michael, the only one who knew she spoke English.

Big secret: She secretly learned English so she could leave Jin, but changed her mind at the last minute. Her current pregnancy is a miracle she says, since Jin is sterile (although to allow Jin to save face the doctor said Sun was the one with the fertility problem). Juliet said men's sperm count is about 5 times greater on the island than normal.

Island Adventure-
Went along with Jin and Sayid because she didn't want to be without Jin. When Sayid laid out a trap for the others Sun stayed on the boat to be safe. The Others wanted the boat, so they boarded it -Colleen (Pickett's wife) and Sun had a confrontation, and Sun shot Colleen. Sun escaped the boat while being shot at by Tom.


Q: Who is the father of Sun's baby?
A: Jin is the father. The child was conceived on the Island as seen in "D.O.C."

Q: Will Sun survive her pregnancy on the Island?

Q: Will she ever tell Jin of her uncertainty about him being the baby's father?
A: Yes, she will..

Q: How does she know so much about plants and gardening?

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I think Suns father is the head of the Dharma Project, after all the Others are very scared of him and say he is very powerful. Suns father fits that description and has the means of pulling off something like this. He was the one sending them on the plane.
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I think its charlie too
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Don't worry I was having a divvy moment. That' her full name in Lost. Silly me her real name's Yunjim Kim. Silly me!!!!
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