A page calling all Skate fans! Visit this page and edit it as long as it's about Sawyer and Kate. Will they stay together for ever? Let's hope so!

Reasons why Sawyer is perfect for Kate:
  • He understands what she's been through in life.
  • He is affectionate towards her.
  • He likes her for who she is.
  • He lets her get invovled.
  • He isn't too over-protective.
  • He puts her first.
  • He doesn't get annoyed with her.
  • He isn't ashamed of her being a fugitive.
  • He is her total soul mate!
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Evidence (what shows that they are in love.):
  • They slept together.
  • They snogged.
  • Kate said she loved Sawyer.
  • Kate was really really upset when Pickett was about to shoot Sawyer.
  • Sawyer always shows off around her.
  • Sawyer cares about her.
  • Sawyer chose not to tell Kate they were on a different island because he didn't want her to become upset or depressed.
  • Sawyer revealed to Kate that his mother and father died when he was a child. (Which he hasn't told anybody else.)
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Reasons why Jack is so not right for Kate:
  • She's a criminal (she's bad) and he's a doctor, (he's a goody-goody)
  • Sawyer and Kate look better together
  • Sawyer's hotter
  • Jack is fickle, he's now flirting with Juliet, and since Sawyer has gotten together with Kate he's never looked back.
  • He doesn't see her true self.

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So then, Skate Fans, add your own ideas, list, pictures, etc. that will show Jate (Jack and Kate) fans everywhere that Sawyer is right for Kate!

sawyer and kate
Now & Forever!
Since the first season, we've seen Sawyer and Kate's relationship blossom. In the first season episode Confidence Man, Shannon's asthma worsens, and the islanders believe Sawyer has her inhalers. Sayid and Jack torture Sawyer to get the inhalers, but then Kate decides to try. Sawyer tells Kate that he'll give the inhalers to her if she kisses him. After a passionate kiss, Sawyer reveals he never had the inhalers.

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ScarClaw another 0 Apr 18 2008, 5:49 AM EDT by ScarClaw
Thread started: Apr 18 2008, 5:49 AM EDT  Watch
another reason that Jack is bad 4 Kate is that he keeps on trying to use that shes a fugitive against her.
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Anonymous kate\sawyer\jack 1 Mar 21 2007, 4:30 AM EDT by Anonymous
Thread started: Mar 21 2007, 4:22 AM EDT  Watch
kate wiil hook up wiith jack she wiil thel him that she loves him but she dont forget sawyer at all i think that in the season final episodes she wiil realise that sawyer is her try love and she wiil bi with him in the end that is my opinion im not a skater or jater
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