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There are hundreds of different secret societies in this world, ranging from the Freemasons, to the Illuminati, to the Nine Unknown Men who all deal in secrecy, science, the supernatural, and technology. The Island in Lost COULD be some sort of testing grounds that one or more secret societies uses to conduct scientific, technological, and paranormal experiments.

Most major secret societies are rumored to have extremely advanced technology whether it be from aliens, or just from conducting many experiments over the years. This could explain some of the things that happen on the island. Things such as the bars that circle the others old camp and when you walk between them you supposedly die (although that one Other didn't, either that or he came back to life afterwards), the Valenzetti equation that people had to type every 149 minutes on the computer, how no one can find the island (except for it seems when there is an explosion, or the tracking device that Ben said used to be on the island), and how no one can get off the island unless they take a specific route.

The Hanso Foundation, the Others, or both could be secret societies or offshoots of one, who were sent to the island to do things like study the monster, Jacob, and the other paranormal activities there. Also for a secret society who is extremely advanced, it wouldn't be that hard to make a whole bunch of dead bodies that looked like the people on the and a plane wreck.

If this theory is correct then the secret society that I think is most likely to be the one behind these events is the Nine Unknown Men who were founded in 270 BCE by the Indian Emporer Asoka. Asoka had founded the Nine Unknown Men to stop technology from falling into the wrong hands, and to stop society from being destroyed again just like Atlantis and the Rama Empire.The Nine Unknown Men consist of 9 Ascended Masters (people who are enlightened spiritually, extremely intelligent, and want to assist in humanity's spiritual growth). Alvar Hanso matched this perfectly. The Nine Unknown Men are also supposed to have 9 books, one book for each member, that has information on 9 different subjects. These 9 books studied:
1. Propaganda and Psychological Warfare
2. Physiology
3. Microbiology (including advanced biotechnology)
4. Alchemy
5. Communication (especially with extra-terrestrial life)
6. Gravitation (including the construction of the Vimana, an interstellar saucer type vehicle, and UFOs)
7. Cosmology
8. Light
9. Sociology (including rules concerning evolution of societies and how to predict downfalls)
The 8 subjects that the Hanso Foundation fund are:
1. Life Extension
2. Electromagnetic Research
3. Quest for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence
4. Mathematical Forecasting
5. Cryogenics development
6. Juxtapositional Eugenics
7. Accelerated Remote Viewing
8. The DHARMA Initiative.The 9th subject (Alchemy) is being studied by Alvar Hanso which is how he funds these operations.

They look kind of similar dont they.

The Nine Unknown Men are heavily immersed in Buddhism and other religions which explains the DHARMA Initiative (DHARMA comes from Buddhism), the use of the number 108, the I-ching prominence, the hieroglyphics, and all the culture clash.

According to theory in the Buddhist religion, there is a secret lost land where the Nine Unknown Men conduct their research for the benefit of mankind as well as keeping it hidden from them. There is also a prophecy determined by one of the Dharmic wheels (the wheel of time) that refers to an Armageddon-like cosmological spiritual challenge. It’s a rapture-esqe event that is said to bring about the end of the world, except for the realm of Shambala is supposed to emerge and save the world from it. Shambala is the land in Buddhism that is said to be the place where people of higher life are gaining knowledge and power for this event. Recent belief speculate that this may be a lost land anywhere in the world, instead of just on top of the Himalayan mountains. This mystical place is describing the Island, and the Armageddon like event has huge ties to the Valenzetti equation.

The names on the list that the Others made are probably the people that could become Ascended Masters.
If you think this theory is completly idiotic then try to remember J.J. Abram's other show Alias, and how it had stuff to do with secret organizations, a prophecy about the end of the world, etc.

For more information on the Nine Unknown Men you should look at,2083.0.html which is where most of this information on them comes from.
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Do you think the Four-toed Statue ties in with any of this?
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