Season Four Predictions

*I hated the way season 3 ended... i do not like the way jack ended up, that was hella wrong, Ben said it best when he told Jack that the island gave him a purpose and that he had nothing to go back to, Ben was right. There were several things "off" in the flashforwards like with jacks dad and Kate, it didnt feal right, as for charlie being gone? its lost no one is dead untill there dead, now we saw him go still but things could change, he could get his "second wind" from the island, to be honest im not all that bumbed out about charlie or any other lost survivor that has died, it has been exciting and we knew for weeks that charlie was going to get waked by the island, i just want a good story, and from the flashes it sucks... I love watching LOST! but if this is what i have to look forward to than i wont be tuning in to the next season, i hate to say that but it doesnt look good when you know how it ends, if thats the way its going to go, you know? any ways i hope that the writers get a few things right in the next season, they stay on the island and they fight off the new bad guys and we get to see Jacob, i cant wait -

*I cannot help that I am a Lost junkie - I still can't believe that Season 4 will not begin until February 2008!!!! But, I digress...Charlie will of course live - he and Claire represent the only semi-stable family unit. Since he is a self-proclaimed proficient swimmer (and can hold his breath for what - 4 minutes?) he will realize that he can swim through the little hole and reach safety - to find that Jack and others (not THE others) are safe. His need to make sure Desmond relays the message that the parashute woman (Naomi, right?) is not who she proclaims to be. As for the Kate - Jack- Sawyer love triangle: will the saga end? I feel that even though Jack proclaimed his "love" to Kate, she will select Sawyer over Jack due to her lack of self-confidence - I get the impression that she feels Jack is "too good for her." Perhaps I'm wrong - she seems more suited for Sawyer, since they share a shady past.

I've been thinking about this ever since the last episode was aired and since I don't see anyone else mentioning what I'm thinking, I thought I would throw it out to you and see if you think I'm crazy. First, themes in the story have a circularity so we should expect themes to repeat themselves in Season 4. What could some of those themes be? We've seen Locke, and then Ben paralyzed and healed by forces on the Island. Who will be next? I'm betting it will be Sawyer. When Kate met Jack at the airport and he pleads with her that they have to go back to the Island she said she had to get back to him. Who would that be and why would she need to get back? Was there some deal made on the Island and some allowed to leave while others were forced to stay? Were Jack, Kate, Sawyer and others (No, not the Others) allowed to leave; did Sawyer get hurt and Kate feel obligated to care for him. Wouldn't that be a compelling reason for Jack to self destruct in guilt? Who was in the coffin? No one mentions the African American lady (forgive me, I can't remember her name.) Back to repeating themes. In the last episode, she tells Jack, "You aren't going to make one of your speeches, 'either we live together or die alone' ." Who ever lay in the coffin, died alone with no one to mourn for them. And remember, she had cancer and would have died if she hadn't been cured of her cancer while on the island. If she was forced to leave, her cancer would return and she would die. I don't know why Bernard wasn't at the funeral, maybe he was killed in a shootout and that's why Sawyer was parlyzed. I'm guessing they will go back to the island to save their friends. Kate was never one to leave her friends behind and Sawyer will insist on going. Repeat theme again. Jack and Kate won't want to take him and tell him "What can you do? Just look at you!" Just like he told Hurley. Sawyer will go anyways and be cured of his paralysis. Bringing the show up to the present year will allow Walter and Michael to return to the series. It will explain Walter looking so much older. Sorry, but I'm thinking Charley is a goner. I hope I'm wrong though. Sorry for writing such a long piece but it was nice to get it off my chest!!

I believe that the final sequence between Jack and Kate was a message to the viewers to enjoy Lost and not to keep complaining about the mysteries not being answered and there being no end in sight. When it's over it's over and they can't bring Lost back, unless they do a 'Dallas - Bobby Ewing' twist. The answers to the questions can never live up to expectations and what will we all do with ourselves when Lost is finished? I suspect that we'll all be lost without Lost and end up like Jack crying, wailing and moaning that we're sorry and we want it back ;-) Ryan

Off course Charlie did say that he could hold his breath for 4 minutes. That's enough time to swim through the porthole and make it to the surface.
(He was probably lying to convince Jack that he could do it. He mentioned in one of the early episodes that he "doesn't swim" when a woman was drowning.)

It's bad enough they made Jack a drunken druggie with suicidal ideations.... they can't kill Charlie too.
Flash forwards along with flashbacks will continue to create confusion and make
people wonder what is going on by confusion in figuring out the timeline of where
we are in the story. I think the flashbacks are not nearly done yet.
What about the casket in the flash forward....must be either Ben or Locke since neither was/is well liked and no one attended the funeral.
My bet is on Locke, he is becoming more isolated and currently has no ties in the present to people on the island or people at home.

Such verbal illusions. Jack's father alive. Kate alluding to her step-father; which everyone assumes is Sawyer she is talking about. Very obvious that the flashbacks or flashforwards are illusions/dreams/unreality or an alternate dimension which changed the course of events hence changing the past.

I don't think we've seen the end of patchy. I think he's either a cat with nine lives (of which, at least three have been used up) or he's a robot! He survived the fence, the he survived a HARPOON TO THE CHEST! A little ol' grenade is child's play.

I don't think Charlie is dead. I think that Desmond will somehow save him and that he will make it back to the surface. I don't care if I'm the only person in the world that thinks this, but we'll have to wait and see. I think you could possibly be correct , only because Charlie didn't die exactly the way Desmond said he would. Either that, or Charlie is really dead, and the difference in his final death scene just means that Penny won't come with the helicopters, and Charlie just sacrificed himself for nothing. I believe Desmond's assertion that things have to happen in the same way for his visions to conclude the way he sees them. It is pretty hard to imagine how Des wil get Charlie out of there if he is going to live in season four.

I think that Charlie is currently dead, but will come back in season four. Mikhail survived when he went through the sound barrier, and I don't believe what he said that the barrier was not set to a lethal setting, friekin' foam was coming out of his mouth, and his ears were bleeding, if that isn't dead, I don't know what is. also, Locke was shot in the chest by Ben, yet he still has the energy to go around and throw knives into people's backs. I think that Locke died, but he was brought back by the island to settle some unfinished business.

-Charlie is alive. The porthole where Mikhail set off the grenade was big enough for Charlie to fit through and swim to the top OR Desmond will be able to get him some scub gear.
The Bad Guys:
When I say bad guys, I mean the ones that Ben was talking about. I understand that Ben can lie through his teeth most of the time, but when he saw that Jack was calling the people on the boat, he looked really, really scared. I think that the people on the boat are who Ben say they were, and that Naomi was lying to them when she said there were no survivors from the plane crash. I also think that the rest of the story will follow the plane survivors and the others as they battle the new threat, and that when the bad guys arrive, Ben and Jack will make a reluctant alliance to kill them.

Leap Forward:
Given the feel of the Season 3 Finale, the fourth season might either be all flash-forwards, consisting of the same mystery set up as the flashbacks in previous seasons, or be set in the future (or our present, as so far the entire thing takes place in 2004), with flashbacks of what happened on the island. The first makes more sense given the overall idea of the show, just throwing out a thought.

After The Looking Glass
After the last episode of Season three some questions arise.
  • What is the deal with Jack's dad? Jack told Dr. Hamill to call his father down and if Jack was drunker than his dad, the Dr. could fire him. So, Jack's dad is alive? No...Jack's dad is still dead.
  • At the end when Jack meets Kate at the airport, Kate says she has to get back because "he" will be waiting (or wondering where she is). Is that Sawyer she's speaks of? Sawyer didn't get off the island.
  • Who was in the casket? It was a small casket so it must have been a child, possibly Claire's baby? Sun's? Walt? Vincent?(ha) it is not a child.

*Did anyone catch when Mikhail entered the looking glass and found the two women down there he was surprised and he said he thought they were at the Canadian project or something along that lines?
I think he said "I thought you were on a sailboat to Canada."

And speaking of Walt. He looked like he was a few years older. But they have only been on the Island a little over three months. Was that Walt from the future? Walt is a real he has aged over the last year. The actor has grown.

So, with all of that asked, I think that the whole thing is going to turn out to be a time warp/travel story. Jack said it himself, "We should never have left the island."
I also agree with the guy on another site who called his theory "the bagel theory." His assertion was that the writers are reading and watching everything we write here and take most interesting theories and base the story on these writings if they fit into the overall Lost idea. (He thinks of we all start talking about bagels, bagels will show up in the show. I pointed out to him that if they read that it would never happen because it would be obvious that was what they were, in fact, doing.)
To back up this theory's validity I submit a quote from Carlton Cuse in a statement reported on by CNN: "We sort of view 'Lost' as a mosaic. Now there are only 48 more tiles that go into that mosaic, and we're figuring out, along with all the other writers, exactly where they all go." (italics mine)
You see, without the viewer's input, they have no real direction. What we write can make it onto the show.
(Marcus Tee May, 24, 2007)
No way...they know exactly what's going to happen at all times.
They didn't know that the actor for Walt would grow up so fast. Or did they? It is nice to be in a fan based community where the writers and producers create what the Losties love and want. (Matt Berger, 23, 2007)
They have stated that when they created the show, they had mapped it and knew where it was going for about 6 years. While fan-based stuff might influence the dialogue (such as Cooper's theory that they were all dead), the main plot of the story has a direction and any tinkering would screw too much with its final destination. Also, to say there are 48 more tiles, doesn't insinuate that they don't know what the tiles are, they're just figuring out how they want them laid out.

I think the person in the casket is Sawyer because Kate looked bothered, just like any other person looks like when they remind them of their ex. Also I agree with an earlier comment that Ben is telling the truth about the people on the boat. (D. Lacayo May 24, 2007)

Okay season 4 will bring a third group to the island on the boat! As we know the flashforwards in through the looking glass were codenamed 'the snake in the mailbox' and the season 4 finale is called the 'the rattlesnake in the mailbox' Is this a coincedence or a hint that more flashforwards will come in season 4? (lostforwords May 26th 2007)

I agreed with what several thorist have said about the flash-forwards from Through the Looking Glass continuing in Season 4. I think that they will as well. However, I think that we are going to be getting a series of flashbacks as well.
FLASHFORWARDS: I think that the flash forwards are going to be used to show what could happen if the course of the Losties stays the same as it is now. I think that we saw the flashforward in the last episode to show us what could happen if they as a result of calling the boat. However, that is a reality that could change based on the actions of those on the island in season 4. There could be flash fowards from here on out as a way to show us what could be based on their actions at the time.
FLASHBACKS: I think that we will still be getting flashbacks as well. I think that there is still too much that has not been told about these people's lives. A prime example of that is what Juliet said to Sayid and Sawyer in one of the last episodes about why they had to believe her. She knew that Sawyer had killed a man the night before he left Sydney. I know that we are going to have to hear about that and the man that Sayid toutourted.
CHARLIE AND THE REST: As for Charlie, I think that he is dead. Because Dominic M. has said in interviews that he does not plan to turn to the show. Kinda hard to have Charlie without the actor who played him. I also think that Walk and Michael and both going to return to the show. In the first episode of the series, as the pair played a board game with black and white pieces, Locke tells Walt that there is always a black element and a white element. Then he asks Walt if he wants to know a secret. Then the camera cuts away. We never find out what the secret was. I think that is going to be an important part of the show. The black and white angle is going to be crucial as well, as Adam and Eve were found with black and white stones as well. (Landrybell 8-24-07)

Shamsuk2004's Theories For Season Four

I think the ship that is coming to the island is sent by the DHARMA company. I think this because when Locke was playing the chess game at the DHARMA station that they stumbled upon, he beat the game and it said to push the button if the hostiles took over, this was to alert the DHARMA company so they can send reinforcement, that is why Mikhail stopped john from pushing the button. I think the DHARMA company thought they were still running the operation on the island, but they were being fooled by Ben and the others. That is why they still got food and supplies drops. At the very end of the season I think Richard Alpert said the other people were worried about there food supplies. That is because DHARMA didn't drop any more food. I think when they get to the Island they are going to be hostile a kill all of the people so they can reclaim there island and start to fix every thing up and start their experiments again. The others and the people for flight 815 will join forces. I think that they will also use some of the islands unique features and the other DHARMA stations to stop DHARMA from taking over again. That is were we will learn all the secrets of the island. I also think Widmore Industries has some part of DHARMA, maybe they our a major investor in the DHARMA company.
Here is the link to my profile if you want to check it out: Shamsuk2004

My ideas on your theories. Charlie is dead, he didnt really know how to swim that great, he made that up to allow Jack
to let him go. Also, there is no way they are in a Time Travel or warp, this theory has already been discredited by the producers. I think that the lady who parachuted down (her name is alluding me) was a liar stating that there were no survivors from flight 815. I think this because JJ Abrams himself discredited the idea that they are dead or in purgatory. I think Kate is finally going to stop being so insecure about her feelings toward Jack and be with him for a while during the show. However, based on what happend between Jack and Kate during the flashforward, I think a deal was struck between Ben and Kate to get Jack off the island. Kate must live with Ben or something along those lines. Because, Kate finally gave up her selfish tendencies and got Jack off the island, Jack loves her more and since he can't be with her he becomes a drunk and just like his father. The man Kate speaks of is Ben, and that Ben is going to be waiting for her because his paralysis came back after they left the island. Jack wants to go back to the Island because that is the only way he can be with Kate- HiZzOsSs25

The end of Season 4 will begin on April 24th, and we will find out that somehow Jin has drowned and that is why he did not make it to the airplane. There will be a war between the freighter people and our survivors. Ben will just give them up to save The Others who are at the Temple. Jin could have died getting Sun to the plane. Claire will give Aaron to Kate so he can live, and Jack will help the six get to the plane. I'm not sure how Hurley will get to the plane, but he will make it, and leave Sawyer behind. This is when Sawyer will become the hero instead of the bad con man. He will become the strong leader. I don't believe that Ben or Locke will be caught because they will both go to the temple. The rest of Season 4 will be the six trying to get back to the island. I believe we will find another Walt still on the island. The Walt in the window is a copy, or has experienced Time travel. The main thing to look for is who will live and who will die on the island during the War, and the Oceanic 6 wanting to get back, except for Kate who has resigned herself to stay and raise Aaron as a promise she made to Claire. First_Marti

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Ambijan Charlie's Death 1 May 9 2008, 1:57 PM EDT by LostFanAttic
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Does anyone remember in Season One (I think the second or third episode) when one random lady is drowning in the ocean and Jack swims out to save her only to find Boone drowning as well? Well, Charlie is the one who tells Jack that she is drowning and he also says that he would go out to save her himself but HE CAN'T SWIM! Then all of the sudden in Season 3 he is a champion swimmer. I don't know if the writers just missed this or what but I thought it was kinda whack. Also, Charlie can't really be dead unless Dominic is going back to film roles, cuz he is married to Evangiline Lilly and wouldn't you want to work with your wife in Hawaii (especially if your was is Kate). But, as everyone knows, until your buried in the ground and have had a funeral, your not dead on Lost. As far as my predictions for Season 4: Doesn't anyone remember a guy named Michael? Isn't it possible that he and Walt didn't make it to civilization, but maybe to a boat some 40 miles offshore? And that maybe he is coming back to help them? I can't wait to find out how Michael and Walt return to the island, I was waiting all last season, thinking every new episode was going to be that one. Anyway, I'm very excited about the new season (except for the Feb. premiere date) and I think that Lost is still a quality show with a lot to offer its viewers. No fair-weather fan here ladies and gentlemen!
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PhantomGirl Davy Jones Locker 0 Feb 29 2008, 9:51 AM EST by PhantomGirl
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Okay, I do not know if any one has come up with this prediction, but I think the lost people have reached the real Davy Jones' locker.
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Endy My 5 cents last part 0 Oct 9 2007, 9:18 AM EDT by Endy
Thread started: Oct 9 2007, 9:18 AM EDT  Watch
... this episode was meant to kill Charlie off.
4 with regards to my comment nr. 2 I don't think that it is Lock in the coffin becaus he would have no reason to leave and that he could hide in the jungle.

That is all I can remember right now. But I know I have a few more comments I just cant remember them now.

Regards Endy
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