Got a Fish Biscuit?
Quotes and Phrases

1. Are you guys talking about who's your favorite other?
2. I'm a complex guy, sweetheart.
3. You ain't gotta use me, Freckles. All you gotta do is ask.
4. I was trying to save your damn kid!!!!
5. Temporary leader?! What the hell are you smokin'?
6. Three men and a baby - I counted Hugo twice. What? I used your name!
7. If we don't play ping pong every 108 minutes, the island's gonna explode.
8. My doorbell's busted again??
9. What, you gonna say no? Are you some sort of navel-gazing no fun mopey-type?
10.I've got enough food now to open a chain of mini-marts. Hey, you think Sayid needs a job?
11."You got a band-aid?"
12.Guess what! I just shot a bear!
13.“Baby, I am tied to a tree in a jungle of mystery. I just got tortured by a damn spinal surgeon and a genuine Iraqi. Of course I’m serious. You‘re just not seeing the big picture here, Freckles. You really going to let that girl suffocate ‘cause you can‘t bring yourself to give me one little kiss. Hell, it’s only first base. Lucky for you I ain‘t greedy.”
14."and why am I getting the evening news from a six year old?"
15.a doctor playing golf....well now i've heard everything. What's next? A cop eating a donut?
16."Right behind ya, jackass"
17."Me Kate me throw rock."
18."Oh and ther's my favorite leaf."
19."You got a love connection brewwing Jabba?"
20."We happened, Our team."
21. "What you gonna do, splash me?"
22. "The big-ass horse standing in the jungle? Yeah I can see it."
23. "Nice baby...he's, uh, not as wrinkly as that last time I saw him."
24. "Thats why Jacko and Ana Lulu didn't ask me to join their revolution."
25. " This a hobby of yours underdog?"
26." You got a map you ain't shoowing me Magellen?"
27."If it ain't the Belle of the ball."
28."Stop what Chico?"
29."You know what I think Ali."
30. "Skeletor seems to like it. Bottoms up!"
31."Callin em how i see em Freckles."
32."You know that transmission Abdul picked up on his little radio."
33."Advice is free Murgatroid."
34."So this girl, Sally Slingshot."
35."Hey Oliver twist."
36."Yo Daddy-O."
37."Way to go papa-san."
38."Whatcha gonna do now Muchacha?"
39."Sound a little stuffy there Chinatown."
40."International House of Pancakes."
41."What do ya think Captain Bunnykillers gonna do when he sees us."
42."The mighty huntress returns. Whats for dinner sweetheart?"
43." I traded Mr.Miyagi the last of my water for a fish he caught."
44."Word from the valley is St.Jack got himself buried in a cave."
45."A little louder Omar then maybe then she'll understand you."
46."Captain Arabs in to."
47."Thats broken nose man's girl."
48."Laugh it up Muhammed."
49."Your'e in my light,sticks."
50."Camp's prettey shook up after what happened to Tokyo Rose."
51."I am helping shortround."
52."Well gosh, you sure know how to butter a man up Stay Puft."
53." Thank you, Boar Expert."
54."Hey, Mamasita."
55."Doctor Doright doesn't trust me with his antibiotics."
56."Hey chucky wanna keep that kid quiet. Baby huey's like nails on a chalkboard."
57."If this were a scary movie I'd be with a hot chick not you Bar Bar."
58."Hell blue beard blew us because he wanted your kid."
59."OOOO, sounds like Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon have something good."
60."Little Red Riding Hood gonna follow the Big Bad Wolf back to his stash o' guns."
61."Oh happy day here comes Doctor Giggles."
62."What can I do you for Deep Dish."
63."Whats your problem Jumbotron?"
64."Great plan Moonbeam then we can sing Kumbyah and do trust falls."
65."UhUhUh jungle boy."
66."What's Jiminy Cricket doing here?"
67." Yeah Yeah Snuffy."
68." I don't know Mr. Clean but I wouldv'e gone around Mt. Vesuvius."
69." Hello yourself Pilsbury."
70."Tell me Ponce de Leon which way are we supposed to go now?"
71."You want me hot lips your'e gonna have to come down here and...(door closes) *****.
72."Wastin your time Yoda."
73."Who are we to argue with taller ghost Walt?"
74."Well me and montezuma's house."
75."Calm down chicken little."
76."Hunker down, I gotta go grab Frenchie and the kids."
77."Hang on shaggy."
78."Let's go Kenny Rogers."
79."So what's your plan Sundance."
80."Welcome back doctor wizard."
81."Drop the gun blondie."-17 yr old Elloise
82."Where do you think you're going blondie."-Juliet
83."Your buddy out there with the eyeliner let me talk to him."
84."Easy on the ribs Kong."
85."Welcome to the meeting Twitchy."
86."Hey there Sugar pop."
87." Like you babynapper?"
88."Fine I'm the criminal, your'e the terrorist we can all play a part, who do you wanna be?"
89."Whats the problem Hoss."
90."Are you really gonna leave me here with the mad scientist and Mr. I speak to dead people?"

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