Roger Linus

Roger Linus: Ben's Father
Roger was a Dharma Initiative workman (possibly a janitor) whose skeletal remains Hurley found in a VW bus in the jungle in the episode "Tricia Tanaka is Dead." In the bus with Roger were some old stale beer (we see in later episodes he was an alcoholic) and a plan for a road.

Questions: In "The Man Behind the Curtain," on the cast list someone is playing "Roger Linus". Could this be Ben's dad?

  • Yes, In "The Man Behind the Curtain" we learn Roger the Workman is indeed Roger Linus, Ben's father. He came to the island to work (as a janitor to his dismay) for the DHARMA Initiative.
  • We also learn that Roger wasn't a very good or kind father, staying drunk often and blaming young Ben for his mother's death, and always forgetting Ben's birthday.
  • Ben killed Roger by releasing a lethal gas in the van, as a purging of all those in the Dharma Initiative (Ben had a gas mask) and then told Richard Alpert to leave his father's body up there. Of course, Roger's remains (and the beer) were later found by Hurley and company.

Roger Work Man

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