Richard Malkin

Richard MalkinThe Actor: Nick Jameson

Biography: Richard Malkin is a self-proclaimed fraudulent psychic whom Claire visits several times in 'Raised By Another'. He is the father of Charlotte Malkin, and husband of Joyce Malkin.
He abruptly askes Claire and her friend (Rachel) to leave on the first visit, after he apparently sees a disturbing image. He tells Claire during her second visit that danger surrounds her baby and she must raise the child herself.
He calls Claire several times trying to convince her not to give her baby to adoption and telling her he has an alternate plan - he changes his tance on her needing to raise her baby after 4 months, and ultimately convinces Claire to get on Flight 815 to give her child up for adoption to a couple in Los Angeles who he says are 'good people'. He gave her $6000 and bought her plane ticket.
After his daughter has a near-death experience, Eko comes to investigate the 'miracle' for the church and Malkin claims to be a fraud.

Flashback Appearances: "Raised By Another", "?"

Hails From: Australia

Who He Is: A Psychic living in Sydney whom Claire visits.

In Flashbacks: In "Raised By Another", Claire visits Richard. Richard asks Claire how long she has been pregnant before she told him she was pregnant. He does a reading, but tells Claire and her friend Rachael to leave immediately. Claire comes to visit him again. Richard tells her that great danger surrounds the baby Richard Gives Claire a Readingand she must raise the baby by herself, and that no one else can raise the baby. Claire exits, puzzled and afraid. Later, Richard constantly phones her, even in the middle of the night, telling her she must raise the baby by herself. Richard finally convinces Claire to get on a plane to Los Angeles, because he found a couple that could raise the baby. He said to forget about what he said about her raising the baby by herself.

In "?", Mr. Eko goes to Australia to investigate a miracle. A girl, Charlotte Malkin, had drowned, but during the autopsy, she was resurrected. When Mr. Eko went to the girls home, Richard, the girl's father, tells him that no miracle happened, and everything was a misunderstanding. He says that when she fell into the river, her body shut down because of hypothermia, which made her appear dead.
Richard Informs Mr. Eko No Miracle Happened

  • Did Richard know that Flight 815 will crash?
Claire seems to think so, and so does everyone else. He probably saw that she was going to live and figured, "Wow, she could take care of the baby."

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