Rescue Ship Theories

Jack in Contact With the ShipThis page talks about theories about the rescue ship in the end of the third season.

Popular Theories

This section has the two most popular theories about the freighter.

The Boat belongs to Dharma/ Hanso Foundation:

The Dharma Initiative sent Naomi to scout the island. They have been searching the island ever since the purge. They might want revenge on the Others for what they did to the people of Dharma.

  • Ben said that the people on the boat were the "bad guys".
  • Dharma might want to gain control of the island again.

Poking Holes:

Charles Widmore sent Naomi to find Desmond:

Charles Widmore sent Naomi to search for Desmond because Penny has begged her father to find him. They knew that he was in a sail race across the World, and have been search across the entire island for three years.


Poking Holes:
  • Penny doesn't know anything about this.
  • Charles probably wouldn't go searching for a man who he said would "never be a great man".

Your Theories

Penny- "What boat? Who... Who's Naomi?"Write down your theory here. Use the easyedit button on the top to write. Don't forget to show support and poke holes on the theories, and write your user name for credit.

#1LostFan's Theory:

Michael is on the boat. He probably isn't behind this, but he wants to rescue everyone. Naomi was sent to the island to find everyone.

  • Michael returns this season.
  • Locke seeing Walt might have something to do with this.
  • I think Naomi was pretending to be surprised about the survivors' claim to being from Flight 815 because when Jack spoke to the guy with the radio phone, he didn't seem surprised at all - 1stop4

Poking Holes:

1stop4's Theory:

I think a combination of all three in fact. Michael has been picked up by the freighter just as he was potentially getting free of the Island. He's then been tortured or cajoled into directing them to within range of the Island. The occupants of the boat are Hanso Foundation who have been planning for many years to return to the Island and take control back, they needed more funding to ensure they were successful with their takeover bid and Widmore is part of that funding. He only got involved because he knew of the possibility of Desmond being on the Island and that a new purge of everyone presently on there would get rid of him for good.

  • Michael returns this season.
  • Locke seeing Walt might have something to do with this.
  • It would explain Naomi's knowledge of Desmond being on the Island.
  • Ben possibly knows they have been unsuccessfully looking for the Island for years, hence his pleading Jack not to make the call, he really is afraid of what might happen

Poking Holes:

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