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    Ray(The Actor: Marc Vann )

    Episode Appearances: "The Constant", "Ji Yeon", "The Shape of Things to Come", "Cabin Fever".

    Occupation: The doctor of the Kahana.

    Hails from: Unknown

    Who he is: Doctor Ray attempted to save George Minkowski from a mysterious illness with time disorientation after he and Brandon went off the Kahana towards the Island. Minkowski was strapped to a bed in the sickbay. When Desmond and Sayid came to the Island, he noticed Desmond having similar symptoms to Minkowski. After giving Minkowski a sedative, he examined Desmond, by shining a light at his eyes. At that moment, Desmond went back to the past, and when he came back to the present, Ray said that he had "experienced something". When Frank came in with the satellite phone, Ray pulled the alarm, prompting Keamy and Omar to come in. They left, locking Desmond and Sayid in with Minkowski.

    Ray escorted Desmond and Sayid to a new room. Upon opening it, he noticed a large blood stain on the wall. Muttering it should of been cleaned,he calls Kevin Johnson over to clean up the stain. It is revealed that Kevin Johnson is actually Michael.

    Ray washes up on the beachOn the Island, a body washes up on the beach. It is Ray's, and his throat had been slit. Daniel contacted the freighter using Morse code, asking what happened to the doctor. When they hear the response, Daniel says that they did not mention the doctor, but that the helicopter will come to pick them up. Bernard , who knows Morse code, said that he is lying, and that the message really said that the doctor is fine.

    Later, on the Kahana, Ray was helping load supplies on the helicopter. Omar told him about the message from the Island, saying that he was dead. When Frank refused to fly the helicopter, Keamy slit Ray's throat, and threw him overboard. The reason why he appeared dead on the Island before he died was because of the time difference on the Island.


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