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Everyone has a theory on what LOST is all about. This is where you can add your own ideas and thoughts on the grand plan or the minutiae.

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I feel that LOST is the first religious story in the Bible about Adam. (There are two stories). The main secret is to keep the true story hidden. What happens on the island is all due to that, who knows why.


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fenixha15 I have cracked the black smoke 12 Feb 22 2009, 11:36 AM EST by Stephany1177
Thread started: Feb 13 2009, 9:55 AM EST  Watch
Well I watched lost yesterday and i must say it was amazing but I noticed one thing odd its about the black smoke when he attacked that white guy his actions were weird as if those of a snake (he also looked like a giant black snake) and how he presented himself sliding on the ground then sticking his head up ( almost like a rattle snake showing he is going to attack) and then i thought about it then i looked at previous attacks of the black smoke and when he attacked eko He used the actions of an elephant how he grabed eko by his trunk and swung him around and if you look closely he is almost shaped like an elephant.

After years of watching the show I made a con clusion Vincient is the black smoke he is never around when the black smoke is even the first episode we saw him once he ran off into the jungle a few hours later and the black smoke eating trees appears. and these last two episodes last week Sawyer or Locke found vincints colar next episode Boom Black smoke takes down that white french dude but of course vincient wasn't around to see it .
Heck even when jack, kate and charlie went heading into the forest I think they were headed towards the front part of the plane for the radio thing as they were walking we saw vincient watching them go down a path next thing you know they make it to the head of the plane and boom black smoke monster picks up the pilot shakes him down for his milk money then leves him in the tree. (I beileve it was the pilot episode) and also remember when Walt goes out looking for vincient well next thing you know theres a polar bear trying to get him wich had pitch black eyes almost like he was satans polar bear what i beileve is that the black smoke can take any shape or form but it must have been on the island first like Polar bears were testd on the island or ekos brother who crashed landed there first. now don't you see a pattern here Vincint = black smoke.

So what do you guys think of my theory.
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LostDreams Theory by LostDreams 0 May 29 2007, 4:28 AM EDT by LostDreams
Thread started: May 29 2007, 4:28 AM EDT  Watch
LOST reminds me of a familiar story, only it has a very strange twist...

Each character's story is told and everyone has a secret or "ghost" they're trying to hide from themselves and others about their past...

and so, the powers from within the island can
answer each of the character's personal "what if"? question's
through showing each of them...

1.) life ghosts of the present - happening now
2.) life ghosts of the past - happened then
3.) life ghosts of the future - will happen if not altered
4.) THE TWIST - life ghosts of the future - what can happen if they choose to alter their hidden secrets.
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