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Penelope (Penny) Widmore

Penelope WidmoreThe Actress: Sonya Walger

Flashback Appearances:

Who she is: Penelope "Penny" Widmore is the daughter of a rich man, Charles Widmore, who is the owner of Widmore Corporation. She is in love with Desmond, and has searched for him ever since his disappearance.

Hails from: Knightsbridge, England

Before Desmond's Disappearance: Penny first met Desmond at a monastery in Scotland in 1995. Penny was going to pick up a shipment of wine cases, and deliver it to Carslile. Desmond says that he was "Fired" from being a monk.

The photoDesmond went to the Widmore Corporation to ask Charles Widmore if he can get a job (permission to marry Penny), but he was denied. When Penny heard the news, she was happy, because she did not like the company anyway. They went to London, where they had their photo taken. He was planning to marry her, but changed his mind. Before they split, Penny said he did it because he is a coward.

Desmond joined the army, and phoned Penny after he started time traveling. Penny wanted to stay away from him, and moved to a different place, and changed her phone number. Desmond was able to get her new address from Charles Widmore, and found her. He asked for her phone number, and promised he will not phone for 8 years. She finally gave it to him, and he left.

Penny, despite breaking up, still had feelings towards Desmond. She sent him love letters to Desmond while he was in the army and in prison, including one in Desmond's book, Our Mutual Friend. Charles Widmore, however, kept all the letters away from Desmond suggesting that he is extremely powerful.

After Desmond was released from prison, Penny attempted to find him, and found him at a stadium in Los Angeles. She asked him why he never wrote back to the letters she sent, and when Desmond asked how she found him, she said "With enough money and determination, you can find anyone."

After Desmond's Disappearance: Penny began to search for Desmond as soon as she found out he disappeared during a boat race around the world. After the discharge, two Portuguese men at a listening station in Antarctica detected an anomaly. One of them phoned Penny, saying "We found it."

Desmond started having flashes, in which one of them was a parachutist landing on the Island. He was convinced that person was Penny. It turned out to be a different person, Naomi, who carried a photo of Penny and Desmond. She claimed she was working for Penny, and has a freighter off the coast.

Charlie talks to PennyAfter Charlie turned off the communications jam in the Looking Glass, an incoming call appeared. He turned it on, and it was Penny. Charlie asks if she is on the boat, but Penny does not know of any boat. Charlie asks if she knows how Naomi is, but she doesn't know. Penny hears Charlie say Desmond, and finds out that he is okay. Mikhail blows up the porthole, flooding the room. Charlie warns Desmond by writing NOT PENNY'S BOAT on his hand.

Penny hears DesmondOn Christmas Eve, 2004, Desmond phones Penny from the Kahana. When she found out Desmond had phoned, she was overjoyed to hear him. She says she knows about the Island, and will find him. They said they love each other, and the battery runs out on Desmond's phone.

Will she come to the island to find Desmond?
This is quite likely, and "Catch-22"'s promise of a helicopter could be a ramification of the Portuguese men's discovery (connected with Penny, obviously). And while this would be a popular move for the Season 3 finale, doesn't anybody get the feeling things won't transpire the way we think they might? It wouldn't be surprising if Penny was merely looking for the Island for a revered reason, or because The Widmore Corporation is involved with DHARMA. Is Penny looking for Desmond or, say, Juliet? Will she be shocked to see Desmond? Or, as the question explores, will she personally come? Will she be forced to try because the Portuguese technicians who called her are working for her father who may have ordered Desmond's death at all costs, and are merely gloating or terrorising Penny with their discovery? [mbm2007]

When will we find out what she and the Brazilian [Or, Portuguese it's more accurately claimed] men were doing in regards to electromagnetic anomalies and the island?
This could be anything from the minute this storyline is aired on Lost, to a number of episodes in (the intention of the Portuguese men could remain ambiguous for a long while).

Why did they call Penelope when the key was turned?
  • The electromagnetic anomaly may have triggered a discovery, which the Widmore family has been counting on. Penelope could have received the call for personal reasons or business reasons. Let's not forget the Portuguese men said "we found it", not "him".
  • However, as Penelope would be very highly connected and is very wealthy, she could have found out about Dharma/the Others operation and about the island, and thus knew what she would need to identify to find the island. As Penny said to Desmond once, "I have a lot of money, Desmond. With enough money and determination you can find anyone."

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I think that Penny is trying to find the island, but that she has no idea that Desmond is there. I think this has something to do with Isaac of Uluru, who Rose and Bernard saw in Australia, who said that there were other places that had special powers. The island may only show up on radar, satellites, etc. when the button is NOT pushed, and that is why at the end of Season 2, Penny's henchmen get the "abnormal activity" signal and call her up. I'm just curious what Mr. Widmore has to do with the pregnancy test that Sun took - from "Widmore Labs"
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