One desired passenger theory

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As we have known since the lost experience, Oceanic is a subsidary of the Dharma foundation. This suggests that it is more than likely that the plane was intentionally diverted to the island (most likely by the pilot-notice that in the first episode that although the co-pilot was still in the cabin, the other seat was empty?). The plane was accidentally caught in the magnetic anomally which caused it to crash.

The show writers have stood firm on the fact that it would be impossible for anyone to hand pick everyone on that plane (including those who survive), who are all parts of a big jigsaw.

So if not everyone was wanted on the plane, then the answer must be that there was only one desired person. Perhaps seen by a Dharma member in a vision not unlike Desmond is experiencing.

I theorise that the Dharma foundation wanted someone on the plane with a 'gift' to help them reach their achievement on the island.

We know from season 3 that the others (who are seperate of the Dharma foundation) have access to find out the passengers pasts, and have taken Claire, Walt, Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Sayid, and Locke in the past, but have subsequently let them go. Why?

Because they have come to the conclusion that they aren't the person Dharma is looking for-possibly innaccurately.

Walt-the psychic mystery, Aaron-the fortold child, Jack- the miracle worker, Locke- The Faith healed man. All could be the 'saviour/christ' figure, or perhaps someone who has not been revealed?

From a production perspective, it wouldn't be advisable to say 'it's locke' or 'its Jack' from the start-actors leave, so there are several possible 'chosen ones', just in case. The bigger picture has been sketched, now the details are being filled in.
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