The actress: Marsha Thomason

Who She Is:
Parachuter who was searching for Desmond.

Introduction: Naomi Dorrit arrived on the Island by parachute. She landed in a tree in the jungle, and was cut down by Desmond and Charlie and was found to have a punctured lung that was treated by Mikhail. When she arrived, Desmond mistook her for his estranged love, Penelope Widmore and was shocked to find Naomi in her place.

Hails From:

Who She Was Before:

Current Status: Dead

On the Island:
She came to the Island after parachuting out of her helicopter which crashed into the ocean. She was sent to find Desmond by Penelope Widmore. She was found by Desmond, Charlie, Hurley, and Jin in the jungle. She had a stick that was stabbed into her. They managed to save her with the help of Mikhail. Later She told everyone that Flight 815 was found with no survivors in it. She said to Charlie and told him he has become famous and was greatly mourned and Drive Shaft had come out with another album.
Naomi, Moments Before She is Stabbed
In "Through the Looking Glass", Naomi goes with the survivors to the radio tower. She kept on looking at her satellite phone to see if it is not being blocked. Before they get to the station, they meet Ben. Ben talks to Jack and says that Naomi is not working with Penny and she is going to get everyone killed. Jack does not believe him. Naomi finally gets a signal on the phone, but before she gets in contact with someone, Locke throws a knife at her and seriously injures her.

After Jack is talking to Minkowski, he notices that Naomi, who was dead, has disappeared. Rousseau notices a trail of blood which they follow. It leads to a dead end, but Kate finds another trail. She stops, and notices blood dropping down from above. She looks up to see Naomi jumping on her. Kate gives the satellite phone to her, and she contacts Minkowski. She asks him to tell her sister she loves her, and then she dies.

Big Secrets: She was not working for Penny. When Charlie spoke to Penny in the Looking Glass she says she didn't send Naomi and that the freighter off the coast is not working for her.


  • When Mikhail said Naomi said "Thank you for saving me", she really said "I am not alone". Is there another parachuter on the island?
    • She was probably talking about the ship 80 miles off shore.
  • Who was Naomi working for?
  • If she was not working for Penny, how did she get the picture of Desmond and Penny?
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