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The Actor: Adewale Akkinoyue Agbaje

Flashback Episodes:
"The 23rd Psalm", "?", "The Cost of Living"

Hails from: Nigeria

Plane Section: Tail section.

Who he was before: Thug/Drug Dealer-turned-priest-turned murderer

Who he is now: Deeply religious Tailie, church builder, island muscle, new button-pusher/faith believer, another sacrifice the island demanded

Why he was in Australia: Eko was sent by his parish to investigate a miracle that took place in Australia.

Family issues: His drug-running resulted in the death of his brother, a priest, whose place he took in the ensuing confusion.

Big secret: Saw the Monster along with Charlie. No one knows about his past criminal history.

He might know of Michael's actions (towards Ana Lucia and Libby) by a parable he told him.

Status: Dead.

Adventures on the Island:

Mr. Eko and the MonsterMr. Eko lands on the north of the Island, along with the rest of the Tailies, and is responsible for taking care of the dead bodies and the kids. The first night the Others try to take him along with three men, but he kills two of them. Since this moment, he won't speak for another 40 days, in which he tells Ana Lucia it was because he was paying for his sin. When the rest of the Tailies find the Arrow station, he finds the Bible. When they find the survivors of the raft, Jin, Michael and Sawyer, he beats them to trap them, later to apologize by the misunderstanding. Eko tries to help Sawyer and his wound, delivering him to the camp during the collision of groups. He shows Locke the missing parts of the Dharma tape hidden in the Bible, and watches it along with him. He exposes Charlie's secret of heroin to Claire, and it's shown how the Beech-craft in which Boone died was carrying his brother. During his trip to it with Charlie, he's faced with the Black Smoke, not fearing it, and it downloads Eko's memory. He then burns the plane and his brother's body. Eko is one of the first to know about "Henry Gale", and apologizes to him for the death of the two Others. He starts to build a church along with Charlie, stating that there are different ways of being saved. After Ana Lucia's and Libby's deaths, Ana appears along with Yemi (his brother) in a dream, telling him that he must help John find his way, taking him to the Question Mark. Forcing John to go to it, they find the Pearl Station, in which it's said that the button in the Swan isn't more than an experiment. Although John refuses to believe it anymore and decides to stop pushing it, Eko takes his place. On the season finale, sixty-five days after the crash, he's locked out of the Swan by Locke and Desmond, and tries to blow it with dynamite and Charlie's help - useless against blast doors. Finally, he's caught on the hatch's implosion.

Charlie and Locke help Mr. EkoAfter the implosion of the Swan station, Eko gets lost in the jungle, and is dragged by a polar bear into it's cave, later to be rescued by John. In an unconscious state, he tells him that he's a hunter, and he'll find the captured survivors. Two days later, Yemi appears in his tent, telling Eko that he must confess his sins, that it's time to be judged, and he burns the tent. Eko disappears into the jungle, and the demons from his past follow him through the jungle, and the Black Smoke approaches him, until John arrives. Eko doesn't find Yemi on the small airplane, and waits while Locke ventures into the Pearl station. Yemi then appears and leads him to a valley, in which he asks for confession, but Eko doesn't ask for forgiveness. He didn't sin; he only did what he needed to survive on his life. The figure tells him that he isn't his brother, and after going in the jungle, the Black Smoke takes him and kills him violently. Eko's supposed lasts words to John were "We're next". He was buried by Locke, Sayid, Desmond, Nikki and Paulo, with his Jesus Stick on top. John says he died for a reason, and thanks him for helping him find his way, just before he finds his further instructions written on Eko's stick- "LIFT UP YOUR EYES AND LOOK NORTH" JOHN.

Eko always carried a 'Jesus Stick' in which he carved Scriptures and things he needed to remember; he also used it to protect himself.


Mr. Eko as a drug warlordYoung Eko had to kill the chief of his village, once some smugglers wanted Yemi to do so. He became a drug smuggler for a long time, until one time he needed to export heroin outside of Nigeria. He used his brother's job as priest, and sent the heroin in Virgin Mary statues on a mission Beech-craft, but Yemi warns him not to take the plane, resulting in Yemi being shot dead by the military. This plane would land on the same rock Eko was stranded years later.

After this event, Eko became priest of Yemi's local village and Yemi's church, until some men tried to take some extort Red Cross drugs and vaccines from it. He killed them in the church, which would be later replaced for the sins committed in it. Eko was ashamed of Yemi's church being tore down, and decided to leave the country and head to England.

Serving at a church, Eko gets some help from a friend to get a new life and travel to Los Angeles, when he must check on a miracle - a girl died and came back to life. He travels to Sydney, in which he faces the daughter of Richard Malkin (the psychic who told Claire to get on Flight 815) and is told there was no miracle. However, while in the airport, he's told by this girl that when between places, she saw Yemi and he told her that Eko was a good man, and that both of them would see each other soon.
Mr. Eko and Yemi

On his final flashback, we can see a young Eko and young Yemi playing soccer, years before both of their lives would start to crumble.


Hurley is playing chess at Santa Rosa, seemingly to himself. When Sayid comes in to take him to a safe place, Hurley takes one more move, saying "Check mate, Mr. Eko".

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system2235 A lost man 1 Mar 1 2009, 5:20 AM EST by TipzF
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I thought Eko was such a good character....I never got to see the episode where he was killed...So, does this mean we will see him again later as part of the black smoke?...If my theory on the smoke is right then we will...that would be interesting...I think if we do see him again he should appear to Locke as Walt did in that one episode....This would be ridiculous, but if that happened and he said something like "Locke...Find my stick and snap it in half, then find my body and impale it with the two halfs...I can't sleep in peace without that stick in my remains." though if he did reappear I think it would go more like this..."Take my stick John, you will need it in order to save yourself from the death you will encounter."
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Anonymous Eko's Death 1 Mar 1 2009, 3:32 AM EST by TipzF
Thread started: Feb 14 2007, 6:44 PM EST  Watch
While I do agree that it really sucked that Eko, one of the best characters, had to die, he had by far one of the best death sequences I've seen on a TV show. The image of him finally reunited with his brother was really awesome, props to Lost's writers for that one.
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Anonymous OH NO 1 Mar 1 2009, 3:22 AM EST by TipzF
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