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“Purgatory: They’re all dead
In essence: Everyone on the island is actually dead and their actions on the “island” determine where they end up; heaven or hell.

Everyone on the island has a serious set of issues, with the island working at times as group therapy.

Also, Gary Troup, the author of "The Bad Twin" is an anagram for purgatory.
Although this is the favorite theory of new viewers and it was seemingly confirmed by "D.O.C.," Damon Lindelof has stated since that episode "It is not purgatory". more holes

“It’s All in Someone’s Mind
In essence: A variation on the purgatory theory, with everything happening in the mind of one of the castaways. Or perhaps some sort of virtual group therapy in which in
the real world they are all plugged into some kind of matrix. ''That theory is absolutely correct,'' Lindelof joked to EW, ''and the character is JJ Abrams.''

Polar bears, black smoke monsters, people who aren't there and horses that appear out of nowhere would sure make a lot more sense if they're all in the mind of one person. Again, it would rob the actors and the viewers of any real emotional payoff. Lindelof clarified in an e-mail interview at, "This is not a fictional reality that is playing out in someone's brain. To this I say, "Yes. I saw Identity, too. And I did not like it."
This theory received a shout-out, too, in an episode devoted to the premise.

“It’s All a Government Experiment
In essence: Yes, they have all been brought here for a purpose, and the island is functioning as an elaborate Skinner Box to gauge their reactions.
If this were true, some of the inhabitants of the island, probably the Others, know that it is an experiment, because they have information about the castaways and the outside world.

The discovery of the various hatches and the sketchy Dharma Initiative, which is still delivering food to the island, lend credence to this theory. When you look at why the castaways are on the island you will see that each of them has been told to get the flight by someone else or someone else’s influence has had them make that flight. ''It's a piece of a much bigger picture,'' Abrams said back in November 2004. ''It's not the big answer." more support

If each person was handpicked to be on the island, that’s a whole lot of planning and coincidence. If, however, each person is there by chance, the theory holds more weight. more

Also, the plane crashed due to a magnetic surge because of the button not being pressed at the correct time, so how could anyone know the button would not be pressed?

“Everything Happens for a Reason
In essence: All the survivors were fated, as John Locke has said, to be on the flight, and to end up on the island. In other words, the island chose them.

The pre-island connections between castaways keep adding up. And incidents like Claire’s psychic convincing her to take the fatal flight (and playing a part in Eko getting on), Hurley making the flight despite all odds, Jack talking his way (or, his dad's body's way) on board and Sawyer getting deported lend a lot of credence. more

The producers have said there’s a rational, scientific explanation for everything that’s happened so far, a statement that’s been held up to a lot of skepticism with each passing episode as the faith and mysticism have been piled on. Evangeline Lilly thinks, "Lost is a very big metaphor for every single character's mental state of being, psychological, and emotional state of being ..." more

“The Chosen One”
In essence: Somehow the island, or someone on the island, wanted only one passenger on Flight 815 (perhaps Walt or the unborn Aaron) and arranged for the flight to crash to deliver that passenger to the island.

The Others wanted, and took, both Walt and Aaron, and their ultimate plans for each have not yet been revealed, and possibly won't be, now that they seem done with both. Will they want Sun and Jin's child next?

The Others made a list of people that they wanted on several occasions. If they wanted only one person, the list would consist of only one person. Why would they have let Walt go so easily if he was The One?

"The Truman Show Theory"
In essence: All the world's a stage, including the Island, and at the end of the series, the camera crews will reveal themselves and everyone will have a good laugh.

Goes with the "Snow Globe" idea mentioned by Desmond.

Repeated viewings of The Truman Show and Survivor. The videotapes in the Pearl Hatch.

A trick ending like that -- so, Shannon and Boone aren't really dead? -- would present the same problems as the purgatory and matrix theories, i.e. a bummed-out audience. Producer Carlton Cuse has debunked the theory.

"The Time Machine"
In essence: Oceanic 815 flew through a rift in the time/space and are now lost in the past somewhere.

Would a distress signal really play for sixteen years with no one finding it? How outdated are the records in that hatch?

This theory got some big support at the 2006 ComicCon in San Diego. ... more

The records may be outdated, but that I know I'd love to have a washer/dryer as shiny and new as the set they have! With the introduction of Penny, we know (well, assume) that someone's looking for the island. Ben has demonstrated twice that they have knowledge of outside current events.

"It's Virtual Reality"
In essence: The people on the island are all part of a virtual reality. This could be from playing a game, as in eXistenZ, from being in suspended animation, as in Vanilla Sky or Philip K. Dick's novel
Ubik, or due to some evil force consigning them there, as in The Matrix. more

In the season two finale, Kelvin tells Desmond that with the turn of the key, everything just goes away. When Desmond turns the key, the island stays right where it is, albeit with a sky that temporarily turns violet, which may be an homage to Vanilla Sky. Perhaps it was a way to leave Virtual Reality temporarily. Same with when ... more

If this were a game, it is hard to understand the point of it. There is also something arbitrary about the way that Shannon's death was engineered. Perhaps her real-life persona bounced a check paying for her participation?

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fenixha15 OMG!!!!! MUST READ 13 Apr 22 2009, 3:54 PM EDT by milkeman
Thread started: Mar 12 2009, 7:46 AM EDT  Watch
now most of you people should have seen last weeks and this weeks episode.

I beileve I have found a huge discovery

Remember at the begining of the episode you see the giant statue almost looks like Anubis.
Well this got me thinking about both the others and Dahrma and the significance between them and greek/egyption history well look at what I found.

Remember Horace the leader of the Darhma well Horace was also a Egyption god in egyption history.
He was actually the creator god and he was actually related to Anubis.

Now Anubiss job was to take care of the dead.

Now this might sound insane but I beileve that

Richard alpert is Anubis.
and Horace represents Horace the god.

I think this because like I said Anubis takes care of the dead. What I mean by that is he does the burial, judgement, and all rights to the person . Well Richard seems to also take a intrest in the dead. He asked for both of his mens bodies and Pauls for reasons uknown.

While Horace is the creator god who takes a intrest in life well it just so happens that our horace is the only one that can have a kid on the island.

So Horace = Horus
and Anubis = Richard.

Also in egyption history it states that anubis and Horus always faught kinda like how the others and the dharma fight.

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Anonymous Answers, PLEASE!!! 0 May 9 2007, 7:02 PM EDT by Anonymous
Thread started: May 9 2007, 7:02 PM EDT  Watch
It just seems like every week you introduce someone new (in a flashback or other wise). We REALLY need to have some solid answers to at least SOME of the questions!! Why did this happen?? What is the significance of Jack & Claire being related?? Why is Locke immune to the "smoke monster"? Give us SOMETHING GOOD< PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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