Minor Characters

These are some characters that don't really play a large part in the series, but have added little bits to the storyline. I thought it would be nice to pay tribute to them, as everyone loves the little people!

Aaron Littleton (a.k.a. Turnip Head)Minor Characters - ABC.com - Official LOST wiki

--Aaron Littleton is one of the few children who were born on the island. He is the third baby, that we know of so far, to be born on the island (Ethan Rom and Alex Rousseau being the other two). He's the son of Claire Littleton and Thomas, the grandson of Christian Shepherd and Carole Littletone, half-nephew of Jack Shepherd and great-nephew of Lindsay. After Thomas had left Claire a few months into her pregnancy, Claire was going to give Aaron up for adoption. When Claire visited a possible fraudulent psychic, he at first told her it was imperative that she raise Aaron herself, then recanted and purchased her a ticket aboard Oceanic 815 so that she may fly to Los Angeles to give her unborn baby up for adoption.
--Aaron was originally given the name "Turnip Head" by Charlie, but was finally named Aaron by Claire who liked the name. Aaron seems to have a connection with Charlie, who takes on the role of his surrogate father. After Charlie drowned in the Looking Glass, Aaron started crying, and Naomi's phone turned on. Shortly before the Oceanic Six were rescued, Claire went missing, so Kate took Aaron. For three years oof the island, Kate raised Aaron. When Kate went back to the island, she left Aaron with Claire's mother.

Vincent (Played by Madison)Minor Characters - ABC.com - Official LOST wiki

--Vincent is Walt's dog, and the only non-human survivor of Flight 815. Vincent has been a loyal friend to many of the survivors for the past two seasons. When he first arrived on the island, he was owned by Walt, but had previously belonged to Brian Porter, Walt's step-father. When Walt's mother Susan dies, Vincent is passed to Walt just before Michael and Walt boarded flight 815. In "Exodus," Vincent was left with Shannon when Walt, Michael, Jin and Sawyer went out to sea on the raft. After Shannon was killed in "Abandoned," it is unclear who Vincent actually belonged to, but he is seen getting on the boat with Michael and Walt in "Live Together, Die Alone." Vincent seems to be a very special dog.

Leslie Arzt (Played by Daniel Roebuck)Minor Characters - ABC.com - Official LOST wiki

--Leslie Arzt was a middle section survivor of Flight 815. He was a science teacher, who managed to discover many new species of insects, including the medusa spider, but was killed on the island while holding dynamite on Day 44. Dr. Arzt was a 9th grade science teacher before the crash and seemed to know a lot about weather patterns. He warned Michael that the raft should sail ASAP if it was to escape monsoon season in "Born to Run." He then met an early and somewhat graphic fate in "Exodus," when he, Hurley, Locke, Jack, and Kate went out to the Black Rock to get dynamite to blow open the Hatch. While he was warning the others about the dangers of dynamite, it went off in his hand, ending his teaching career and his life.

Cindy (Played by Kimberley Joseph)Minor Characters - ABC.com - Official LOST wiki

--Cindy Chandler is a flight attnedant of Oceanic Airlines. She was in the tail section of Flight 815 when it crashed. She went missing during the Tallies journey across the island to join the beach camp and appears to be living with The Others along with the other captured people. During her time with The Others, she has acted as the caretaker of Zack and Emma, two children who survived the Flight 815 crash. Cindy was one of the final five tailies that set off with Michael, Jin, and Sawyer to find the survivors camp. She appeared to be of Australian heritage and was the only other survivor shown that actually worked on the plane, aside from the pilot - she was the flight attendant who served Jack his drinks. In "Born to Run," when her party neared the camp, she was presumably taken by the Others into the jungle and has not been heard of since. Ana Lucia realized she was gone, but it was too late. Also, at the end of the Gary Troup interview, he begins to talk about his girlfriend, who is called Cindy, and works as a flight attendant...
At the end of "Stranger In A Strange Land" Jack meets Cindy again, when she has come to watch Juliet's trial. At this point, she seems fully adjusted to life as one of the Others.

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Anonymous Vincent 10 Aug 26 2009, 10:15 PM EDT by First_Marti
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Maybe Vincent did get on the boat with Walt and Micheal, and the Vincent we have been seeing recently is really smokey......just a thought
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Anonymous Who he is... 1 Apr 13 2008, 3:46 PM EDT by ScarClaw
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I have been wondering for a while now if the Doctor above is really running things on the island. Maybe he is the "Jacob" that Pickett was reffering to?

I thought maybe I saw him on the boat at the very end of the 2nd Season when Ben came to get Kate, Jack and Sawyer.....
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GoldPhoenix Claire's Baby 1 Apr 7 2008, 2:20 PM EDT by Clancey
Thread started: Feb 25 2007, 7:23 AM EST  Watch
I think Claire's baby is going to be some sort of religious leader. The psychic said that the baby has to grow up with her influence. Thats way he put her on the plain, he know it was going to crash, making her rase the baby. Also, during one episode (i think its Fire and Water) Charlie has visions of the Claire and the baby in religious type settings (which makes him try to baptise the baby).
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