Miles Straume

The Actor: Ken Leung

Flashback Episodes: "Confirmed Dead"

Who he/she is: Miles seems to have the ability to communicate with ghosts, and/or the
deceased. He seems to be on edge, either from his ability or due to his mission.
Miles is one of the five people to come from the helicopter.

Hails from: Unknown

Who he/she was before: Unknown

Who he/she is now: One of the few people remaining on the beach when the island was moved.

Big secrets: Used his ability to speak with the dead to steal money from a drug dealer.

    Theories: Has obviously been to the island before from his conversation with Charlotte about staying on the island against the advice of Daniel.

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    Clancey Cool character.. 6 Oct 15 2008, 2:57 PM EDT by #1LostFan
    Thread started: Feb 28 2008, 9:11 AM EST  Watch
    love Miles....maybe Miles will talk to Mr. Eko or his bother.......could also talk to Locke's Dad........ or even people who died during the plane chash........Miles could tell us alot from the dead...also think he may have other powers......don't think he just one layer....
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