Michael Dawson

(About the Actor: Harold Perrineau)

Flashback Episodes:
"Special", "Adrift", "Three Minutes," "Meet Kevin Johnson"

Introduction: Michael Dawson is one of the survivors from Flight 815. He had parental issues with his son, Walt, but the two have bonded with the time on the island. Michael shot dead Ana Lucia and Libby in order to release Ben from captivity; and ultimately caused the capture of Jack, Kate and Sawyer, when he made a deal with The Others. His whereabouts are currently unknown after he left the island with his son Walt on a motor boat.

Hails from: New York City

Plane Section: Middle

Who he was before: Artist-turned-construction worker.

Who he is now: Raft builder, frustrated parent, killer of Ana-Lucia and Libby, desperate turncoat. He and his sonWaltwere sent on a boat "home" by Ben.

Why he was in Australia:
To get his long-lost son, Walt, after Walt’s mother died.

Daddy issues: He’s a stranger to his own son, whom he was forced to give up to his ex, Susan.

Romantic entanglements:
Pre-island: Susan, Walt’s mother, left the unemployed Michael for her boss.

On the island: A possible love triangle with Jin and Sun never came to fruition. Gets slapped in the face by an angry Sun after protecting her from Jin.

Status: Dead.(Not confirmed)

Ben gives him a compass bearing which will get him back home. Shortly afterwards Desmond tuns the key in the Hatch unleashing an EMP. This may have interfered with his heading.

Michael captured by the OthersBig secrets: Once stumbled across a topless Sun. Lied to the survivors about having been held by the others for 13 days. Knew before anyone else that Sun spoke English.
He is on the freighter going by the name Kevin Johnson.

Note: The character Michael Dawson shares a name with a former Harvard professor who explored black political thought and ideologies.


Will Michael actually tell anybody about what happened on the island?
*Not anymore, he died when the freighter exploded

Why is he on the freighter?
*He was working for Ben as a spy. He was trying to help his friends on the island.

Why is he using the name Kevin Johnson?
*It was Charles Widmores boat and Widmore had a list of people who were on the island. If he used his real name they would know somwthing was up.
Is he really dead?
*Although the explosion from the freighter seemed to engulf everyone onboard, Jin managed to survive it, so is he really dead? The last we saw him, he was telling Jin to "save" himself, and to leave the freighter. He was standing next to the large pile of C4. His son is unaware of hisf father's status, and is currently going to school back at home (as confirmed from a recent episode).

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teefgotsdiamonds Michael sucks 0 Mar 5 2013, 7:56 PM EST by teefgotsdiamonds
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I'm at episode 20 of season 2....I hope michael dies off soon..he's a total goof, taking out 2 of the hottest chicks in the show...
EXODUZ ... 0 Aug 26 2007, 3:52 AM EDT by EXODUZ
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He is messed up, hope I don't see him again either...
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LostDreams I don't think it's the end of Michael... 0 May 29 2007, 6:37 AM EDT by LostDreams
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I think Michael and Walt were rescued and are on the freighter out in the ocean. The same freighter that had the helicopter that Naomi (the parachuter) came from.

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