Matthew Abaddon

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Matthew AbaddonMatthew Abaddon

(The Actor: Lance Reddick)

Episodes Appearances: "The Beginning of the End", "Confirmed Dead", "Cabin Fever", "The Life and Death of Jeremy Bentham".

Occupation: Charles Widmore's agent.

Hails from: Unknown.

Who he is: Matthew Abaddon is an associate of Charles Widmore. He takes people to "where they need to be". He told Locke to go on a walkabout, organized the Kahana scientific team, visited Hurley at Santa Rosa, and was Locke's chauffeur after he came off the Island. He was assassinated by Ben.

Abaddon and Naomi Discuss the Mission
Abaddon organizes the Kahana Team with Naomi.
Before the Kahana came to the Island: Before the crash of Flight 815, Matthew Abaddon worked as an orderly. He met Locke at the rehabilitation center after Locke survived an 8 story fall after his father pushed him out the window. He instructed Locke to go on a walkabout, an event in which he had participated in. He claims that the walkabout changed his life, and considers it to be a miracle. Before leaving, he says that if he does go on a walkabout, and if they meet again, Locke would owe him one.

Abaddon visit Hurley
Abaddon meets Hurley at Santa Rosa.
Matthew Abaddon selected the members of the freighter team, but apparently works for Charles Widmore. He talks to Naomi, and says each member of the team was picked for a specific reason. Naomi asks what they should do if they find survivors of Flight 815, but Abaddon firmly says there are no survivors.

After the Rescue of the Oceanic 6: After Hurley returns to Santa Rosa Mental Health Institute after being rescued, Matthew Abaddon visits him. He says he us an attorney for Oceanic Airlines. He offers Hurley an upgrade to a better hospital. Hurley rejects the offer. Abaddon asks "Are they still alive?", and Hurley becomes agitated, calling for a nurse. Abaddon then abruptly leaves.

Abaddon is killed by Ben
Abaddon is shot by Ben.
Abaddon went to visit Locke at the hospital in Tunisia after Locke appeared in the Sahara Desert as a result of turning the wheel on the Island. Widmore told Locke that he would be his driver, taking him to whoever he wanted to see. He took him to see Sayid, in the Dominican Republic, Walt, in New York, and Hurley in California. He was not able to convince any of them to come back to the Island. Locke demanded to visit his ex-girlfriend, Helen Norwood. Abaddon took him to a cemetery, revealing that she had died. He told Locke that his fate was predestined. While they were about to leave, Abaddon is gunned down by Ben.

Big secrets:

  • Why did he pick Daniel, Miles, Charlotte, and Frank?
  • Who is he referring to when he says "Are they still alive?"
  • Why did he visit Locke, and tell him to go on a walkabout?

  • Abaddon told Locke to go on a walkabout, because he knew that he will be on Flight 815, and crash.

  • In Hebrew, Abaddon means destruction, and many biblical scholars believe Abaddon is Satan, or the Antichrist.
    • It is also similar to the English word abandon.

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