Lost Fan Haiku

Time to dust off your middle-school poetry skills and contribute your original Lost haiku, be it profound or humorous! It's as easy as counting to 5-7-5. Remember -- a haiku doesn't have to rhyme.

For Mr. Eko
Not really a priest
But he had more faith than most
With Yemi at last
- evephoenix

LOST: the best show ever!!!!!!!!!!
Lost drives me crazy;
Too many mysteries; I'm
addicted to LOST!!!

Buried Alive!
Nikki and Paulo
Buried alive; no one knows
They're just paralyzed.


A cloud of darkness
Moving stealthily around
Making strange noises.
The Monster so loud!
Nanobots, no, they are not.
A nebulous shroud.

Killer of Eko
Insecurity system
It shows you your guilt.

Jack, Kate, Sawyer

Love triangle

Unrequited love
Jack, Kate, Sawyer on the beach
Jungle beats them down.

Their love triangle
Geometry of ages
Man, they must stink bad.

Of all the questions
There is one still unanswered.
Who has the best hair?

Freckles and Sawyer
Had hot sex with eachother
It was really hot

Mr. Eko
Eko my brother

good man bad man holy man
forgiven in death Walt her

Walt, where are you now?
Your dad really misses you.
Polar bear gotcha?


Brave and courageous
Takes his life to save others
A hero indeed.

Charlie kicks the horse
Baby Aaron saves his soul.
A reason to live.

Charlie save us now,
With music, baby brother,
Charlie is our chance.


Locke can walk again
The island hides its secrets.
He is lost, then found.

Black, white, tests, and trials-
Faith placed into monster's eyes.
Boone: never a chance.

Too bad you lost faith.
It caused the hatch to blow up.
You could have been killed.

Man of faith, look north
Stay away from buttons now.
They lead to trouble.

John Locke says he is:
A Man of faith, not of science
I think he is right


Used Crazy's numbers;
Hurley won the lottery.
Bad luck, dude, bad luck.

Hurley is a man
full of secrets and
maybe food also

Jack and Kate

It was fate they meet

only time will tell their love.
Just wait 'til the time

Long journey, then Kate
Comes to rescue Jack. Too bad
He likes football more.


Sawyer's words can kill

and love with Kate ain't a thrill
Sorry freckles, chill.

Freckles I want you
But afraid to show my need
You feel the same too

The New Gods

We are the New Gods
Watch and learn who is worthy
The rest die sleeping


four eight fifteen six
teen twenty three forty two
equals one - o - eight

Hanso Foundation

What might I ask you
Do for you and I?


What is in that mind
of yours, you're crazy shooting her.
Ha! You never heard?

A bullet proof vest.
What they use in the real world.
Welcome to reality.


Trapped with no escape
No contact with outside world
I must get a life

Loosing my mind
Over speculating everything
Something has to go right for once
Trouble brewing in Island Town.

The Island
Strange film in the hatch -
Did Hanso do this to us?
Science gone awry.

Lost on an island-
far from home.

Lost on an island-
and we're not alone.

We're not Aaaaaloooooone!
~Jimmy Kimmel

Lost Philosophy
Locke, Hume, Rousseau, Burke
Dharma and now Bakunin.
No Enlightenment.


Lost is confusing.
Tell me, what is going on?

Ha Ha, I don't know.


You have your method,
Motive, opportunity...


Locke's legs? No big deal.
The question on my mind is:
What's with Walt's thyroid?


Charlie Pace is drowned
You all everybody
It should have been Jack.

A boat's a boat

Not Penny's boat? Gee.
I don't care. Not staying here
With Locke and black smoke

Sawyer and Kate?? What is the chemistry between Sawyer and Kate?? will they end up together?? is Sawyer even strait?? Jake and Kate are the ones for each other just the way they look at each other they will end up together for ever

Spring has sprung, How do I know?
I found a bird, dead in the snow.

But there is no snow,
Just a misterious boy,

Who can kill all the birds,
Because he can not fly.

What is Walt's resoning?
To harm all those birds?

He must want his dad back,
He's coming, you know.

For Kate and Sawyer:
At first Kate saw Jack
as a possible lover,

But then came Sawyer,
she could be like his mother.
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Sometimes we see him
sometimes we don't
sometimes he smiles
sometimes he frowns
sometimes he's talking
sometimes he's quiet
sometimes he's quite daft
but mostly he's rather deep
and not half bad to look at...
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"He walks among us,
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That's not what it means
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"Jack, we're here to watch"
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