Lost Connection - 9

Sawyer "International House of Pancakes!" Hurley

International House of Pancakes
Sawyer is having fun teaching Jin some important English terminology, including useful gems like "Those pants don't make you look fat" and (pointing at Hurley) "International House of Pancakes!"
I.H.O.P. is a national chain of restaurants specializing in round-the-clock breakfast.
Sawyer "What's your problem, JumboTron?" Hurley

An impatient Hurley finally gives Sawyer a taste of his own medicine with this comeback: "Shut up, Red... Neck... Man." Sawyer's response: "Touché."
A JumboTron is a ridiculously large amalgamation of televisions, scoreboards, ads, and sometimes even pyrotechnics, gracing many a sports arena.

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