Lost Connection - 7

Sawyer "What can I do you for, Deep Dish?" Hurley

Deep Dish
When an agitated Hurley goes to Sawyer to ask for some medicine (Hurley thinks he's having hallucinations), Sawyer goes one sobriquet too far, and Hurley gives his friend a good pummeling, much to the amusement of Jin and Kate.
Deep-dish refers to extra-thick crust, topping-heavy pizza.
Sawyer "I didn't do nothing. He just Hulked out on me." Hurley

Hurley finally snaps and jumps on Sawyer, punctuating each punch with one of his nicknames: "Barbar! Jabba! Stay-puft! Mongo! Lardo!" It's a little trip down memory lane for the couple. With bruises.
The Incredible Hulk is the green monster that appears whenever some poor fool makes Bruce Banner angry.

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