Lost Connection - 2

Sawyer "Well, gosh, you sure know how to butter a man up, Stay-Puft." Hurley

It's late in Season 1 and Sawyer is clearly starting to warm to Hurley. His pop-culture nods are getting a little more playful, too. And squishier.
The Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man is the final form taken by Gozer the Destroyer in Ghostbusters. Very big, very mean, but delicious when roasted.
Sawyer "Yo yourself, Pillsbury!"

Sawyer winds up back on The Island after his failed attempt to escape on Michael's raft, and this is the warm salutation he offers Hurley. Which for Sawyer is practically a geyser of unbridled emotion.
The Pillsbury Dough Boy is a small, squishy baker who giggles playfully when you poke his tummy.

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