Lost Connection - 12

Sawyer "Calm down, Chicken Little, the sky ain't falling just yet." Hurley

Chicken Little
Sawyer assures a very nervous Hurley that they have nothing to fear from Locke, but Hurley is convinced that Locke is maneuvering them against one another. Of course, all this is in reference to a game of Risk the three men are playing.
Chicken Little is a fable about a hysterical farm animal who panics when an acorn falls on her head.
Sawyer "Easy on the ribs, there, Kong."

After years of separation, Hurley and Sawyer are reunited (albeit 30 years in the past) and Hurley gives Sawyer the mother of all bear hugs. Hurley admits he's missed Sawyer's nicknames, but the changed Sawyer will only refer to Hurley as Hugo.
King Kong is a very, very big gorilla with a weakness for blondes.

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