Lost Connection - 10

Sawyer "That's right, Avalanche!"


Sawyer challenges his fellow castaways to nominate their champion for a ping-pong tournament. If he wins, he gets his stash of stolen stuff back. If they win, no nicknames for a week!
Avalanche is a heavyset WCW wrestler. Which perhaps also foreshadows who the castaways will select as their ping-pong champion...

"You really the number one draft pick, Grimace?" Hurley

Sawyer is surprised to see Hurley step up to the ping-pong table as his challenger. What Sawyer doesn't know is that he's about to get hustled and schooled by his friend's mad paddle skills, at the cost of losing his nicknaming privileges.
Grimace is a dopey, rotund, purple blob-like thing that pals around with Ronald McDonald.

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