Lost Connection - 1

Sawyer "Shut up, Lardo!" Hurley

Now that's just plain mean. Not to mention somewhat uninspired. But it's Day One on The Island and Sawyer is marking his territory. And that includes a kick in the ribs to a well-meaning Hurley.
Lardo is pork fat cured in rosemary. Believe it or not, people actually eat this stuff.
Sawyer "Hey, don't patronize me, Pork Pie!" Hurley

Pork Pie
Sawyer sticks with the pork products here. But at least the selection is getting marginally more appetizing.
Pork Pie is, in fact, exactly what it sounds like. (It also happens to be a smallish hat with a flat top and a very narrow brim – à la Buster Keaton.)

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kathleen_LOST This is great 0 Jul 26 2010, 5:37 AM EDT by kathleen_LOST
Thread started: Jul 26 2010, 5:37 AM EDT  Watch
I knew the connection involved Sawyer.. but I didnt know it was only the nicknames directed to Hurley. Good info and I love the pictures with detailed explanations. It made me smile this Monday morning :-).
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